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Mittens and gloves

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Gloves Applications (Blue) Gloves Applications (Blue)
00334 Gloves Applications (Blue) $ 3.00
Gloves Applications (Silver)
00333 Gloves Applications (Silver) $ 3.00
Gloves Applications (White) Gloves Applications (White)
00332 Gloves Applications (White) $ 3.00
Gloves White
00187 Gloves White $ 7.50
Discount 14 %
Mittens Snow Maiden White
00187 Mittens Snow Maiden White $ 10.50$ 9.00
Discount 18 %
Santa Claus Mittens Blue
00238 Santa Claus Mittens Blue $ 11.00$ 9.00
Discount 18 %
Santa Claus Mittens Red
00237 Santa Claus Mittens Red $ 11.00$ 9.00
Discount 18 %
Santa Claus Mittens White
00236 Santa Claus Mittens White $ 11.00$ 9.00
Snow Maiden's clutch
00118 Snow Maiden's clutch $ 9.00

Santa's costume or Snow Maiden's dress will never look 100% correct in the image, if you do not use gloves to complement them. Plus, it is important to understand that children are extremely attentive: they will quickly see their mother's nails in the Snow Maiden costume or suspect that they are very familiar with Dad's palms, and then how to explain that Santa Claus and his father are the same. And how to come to the children for the holiday from the cold, from the North Pole without gloves, because they will immediately notice the substitution and ask parents: "Why doesn't Santa Claus wear gloves in winter, and I should?". One of the best ambitious Ukrainian manufacturers Kostumi Store offers to predict a similar development in advance, and when ordering a costume for fabulous Christmas and New Year characters, also order items for the hands. Traditionally, these fairy-tale characters in the history of Ukrainian holidays and costumes wear gloves in which one thumb is separate from the other four. But western Santa Claus prefers white gloves with 5 separate fingers.

The main advantages of ordering from us

  • A large selection of men's and women's mittens of different sizes, in which it will be comfortable to drive a round dance and hold a staff, as well as to play in real snowballs on the street in frosty weather.
  • In stock stylish and graceful couplings for the Snow Maiden from faux fur or velvet with an embroidery in the form of intricate frosty patterns.
  • Quality fabrics and finishing materials are used for sewing, which remain so even during constant use.
  • Constant expansion of the catalog with interesting product items in which Santa Claus or Snow Maiden will look 100%.
  • Affordable prices, and in addition, there are often sales and discounts.

Designers of Kostumi Store offer to evaluate a wide range of gloves. Each product on the site has a detailed description, which lists the following items:

  • available sizes;
  • basic materials;
  • the presence of embroidery or applique;
  • a photo with a zoom function, with which you can assess in detail how this or that style suits you best.

Among the main shades for such products are red, blue and white. In addition, the range includes combined solutions:

  • with silver or gold embroidery;
  • with an additional fur edge.

We are constantly working on creating beautiful models in different styles: from restrained laconic modern to lush and beautiful vintage with elements of national authenticity. Fabric products can be gently ironed by hand to maintain their cleanliness, and gloves and faux fur clutches are best taken to a dry cleaner. In the long breaks between performances these small, but such important subjects of clothes are stored in fabric covers, including, and in big where all suit is stored.

Having decided to buy gloves and couplings from us, you will not regret it, because you will receive both one pair and a wholesale batch of the highest quality. All seams are strong, reliable, can withstand frequent wear, on an equal footing, as well as embroidery performed by our masters by hand. We send your order as quickly as possible by convenient courier services throughout the country. Please note that by the end of autumn, demand increases sharply, so there may be delays in delivery, and to avoid them, you should order new items as soon as possible. With our gloves with embroidery or applications, your hero will look 100%, the main thing is to decide on the style and size.