New Year’s - its about kindness and care for your neighbour. It’s about miracle and special desire to get  into the atmosphere of fairytale.

That’s why we, the team of Kostumi Store, together with  the fund who helps children with cancer “Tabletochki” created a fundraiser #дідмороздопомагає (#santahelps)- the funds from celling  masks with patterns and 3% out of  total ceiling complete sets Father Frost + Snow Maiden/Helper + Accessories and Santa + Helper + Accessories we transfer to kids. This means that even more children will get a chance to get healed. By purchasing our costume you straightly  help it and share the magic of holiday with them. You show an example and develop the culture of systematic charity in Ukraine with us.

“Tabletochki” fund does:

medication  purchasing for some children by personal home address and for 19 oncology departments

✨palliative care

treatment and a medical tests abroad

psychological help for the families etc.


Every year over 1000 children in Ukraine are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is possible to cure. We can overcome it together.


You can choose New Year’s mask or a complete set of cool and quality costumes of Father Frost and Snow Maiden or Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and give children a chance to get healed !

If you took a nice picture during New Year’s party or family gathering share it with us using hashtag #дідмороздопомагає ( #santahelps )and your post will increase the help for children.

#дідмороздопомагає( #santahelps) what about you?

Kostumi Store – magic happens!