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Santa Claus Scandinavian costume

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Santa Claus costume

Complete set: shirt, vest, trousers, gown, cap, bag 50x75, leggings

The shirt is made of milk or white gabardine, straight silhouette, with slits along the side seams. The sleeve is wide, straight, gathered in an assembly on the cuffs, Velcro fastener, Decor - wooden buttons. The cuffs and bottom of the shirt are decorated with red bindweed braid. Vest of a straight silhouette, without lining, without fastener, with patch pockets in the front. The pockets are decorated with stylized Scandinavian ornaments made of high quality thermal film. Straight-fit trousers, ankle-length, elasticated belt. The trousers are made of red velor, no decor. Mantle - from red velor on a quilted lining, straight silhouette, length below the knee. The gown is decorated with high quality fur along the bottom, neckline, armhole and sides. The sides are decorated with gold appliqués in the form of Scandinavian patterns. The cap and bag are made of red velor. The cap is decorated with a fur cuff and a pom-pom, and the bag is decorated with a golden twisted cord and a fur tassel. Leg warmers are made of knitted melange jersey. The suit keeps its shape very well and is as easy to use as possible. The suit is perfect for sizes M-L for height 173-179 sm and L-XL for height 180-186 sm.

For the complete image of Santa Claus, we recommend that you purchase a beard and a wig, a false belly, shoe covers and small accessories - glasses, a bell, gloves.

And in the company of the Christmas hero, we advise you to pay attention to the costumes of the Elfs, the Christmas Reindeer Rudolph and Mrs. Klaus.

Suit sizes (centimeters)

The size
Suit height
L-XL - 92
Breast volume
L-XL - 70
Sleeve length
L-XL - 67
The length of the pants
L-XL - 76
The volume of the pants at the waist
L-XL - 62

Costume details

Shirt, vest, trousers, mantle, cap, bag 50x75, leggings.
Without clasp
Wooden buttons, gold appliques

How to correctly determine the size of men?

Kostumi Store uses a domestic size grid, so we are happy to take as a basis the Ukrainian sizes from 44 to 58. How to correctly determine the size? Take a centimeter or tape measure and measure chest girth, waist girth, hip girth, height and sleeve length.

Know that when measuring the girth of the chest, the tape should fit snugly to the body, pass in front of the most protruding points, on the side - through the armpits, behind - embracing the shoulder blades. As practice shows, measurements are best done on a T-shirt.

To find out your height, you need to stand at the wall and measure from the floor to the top of your head. The length of the sleeve is measured from the beginning of the shoulder down to the palm of the hand.

We recommend choosing clothes according to your height and size.

Men's sizes

International size



The Size






Chest girth



Waist circumference



Thigh circumference



  • Pickup from the showroom at Kiev, st. Ivan Vyhovsky 3, office 401;
  • Delivery in Kiev is carried out by courier services or a taxi service (at the carrier's tariffs);
  • Delivery across Ukraine is carried out by courier services "New Mail" and "Ukrposhta" (at carrier tariffs);
  • Worldwide delivery is carried out by courier services "Ukrposhta", "DHL", "ARAMEX", "EMS". You can choose the delivery option you need, its timing and cost when placing an order.
  • Payment upon receipt in the store at the address Kiev, st. Ivan Vyhovsky 3, office 401;
  • Payment upon receipt within Ukraine - payment for the goods upon receipt at the post office;
  • Cashless payment - for legal entities;
  • Online payment on the site - Fondy Visa/Master Card;
  • Payment by installments/Installment - Fondy Visa/Master Card. To pay for the goods in parts/by installments, on the checkout page, select "Online payment on the site", then click to confirm the order and go to the payment page. On the payment page, select the item "Installment online" and click on the button "Installment Frisbee". And then you choose favorable terms of installments.

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