Accessories for Christmas costumes: when details matter

Accessories for Christmas costumes: when details matter

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Carnival costumes along with interior and exterior items make the holiday as romantic and memorable as possible. For many people, directly preparing for the holiday and thinking through all the moments is more valuable than the celebration itself. Costumes for the New Year will allow you to personally transform into a fairy-tale character, make it to your friends or relatives, or create a complete image for artists who are involved in corporate parties, personal performances or concerts on the big stage. And in order to create a full-fledged image of a winter wizard or his assistant, as well as to choose an interesting image for a corporate party, but without putting on all the clothes, it is worth purchasing accessories. They, like New Year's costumes for adults, from the best manufacturer, will attract attention with their quality, originality and beauty.

Wide range of accessories

The presented catalog contains everything that is necessary for a full-fledged transformation into the role of both a young and an adult artist. It is difficult for yourself to overestimate the role of accessories for costumes, because thanks to them you can fully get used to the role of a hero.

Shoes for Santa Claus

If a New Year's costume in a red or blue shade can be picked up in different stores and salons, then there may be questions with shoes, because you can rarely find shoes on sale. We offer exquisite models that are suitable for guys and girls, and stand out with the following characteristics:

  • laconic style made of thick felt with a slightly rounded toe;
  • dense high rubber outsole;
  • distinctive gold ribbon trim and strap plaque similar to Santa's suit.

This is important: children aged 3-5 are extremely attentive to details, and if you do not want to explain why Santa Claus has shoes like daddy, or how Santa can travel in sneakers, choosing a suit for the new year, you need to immediately resolve the issue and with shoes.

Christmas bells

And here is the time to sing the traditional song "Jingle Bells" or to tap a world-famous melody. One of the most popular versions of this song belongs to the fabulous voice of Frank Sinatra, and the bells themselves have already become a familiar part of various decorative objects for the holiday:

  • toys for spruce or pine;
  • as a decoration of a wreath on the door;
  • as part of a drawing or pattern for tablecloths, napkins;
  • detail for decorating window glass in the form of a "frosty pattern".

According to one of the legends, the bell in the hands of Santa Claus allows him to create those items that are needed right now, for example, a construction set or a toy for a child, which he asked for in a letter. According to another version, the bell on the neck of the reindeer and the leader of the team, Rudolph, notifies the whole world that the sleigh is going with the main winter wizard. According to the third version, this accessory allows Santa Claus to control his assistants and call him when he needs it.

And what is Santa without a big belly that is belted with a strap with a golden plaque? - That's right, none. And if you watch themed Christmas films and cartoons, then you won't see a thin or young Santa for sure - it so happened that the character is “moderately well-fed” and aged. And the whole point is that he must have the strength to manage the deer, collect and pack gifts, and also fly around the entire planet in one night, leaving no one without attention and a gift.

Please note: the golden color in Santa's decoration is not accidental. He shows his good financial situation (and how could it be otherwise, because you need to buy so many presents) and emphasizes the magical origin.

Speaking about other characteristic elements in the image of a wizard, it is worth highlighting:

  • an overhead belly, so that children believe in the existence of this image as much as possible, and do not look for similar moments in the figure of a dad or godfather;
  • glasses, because the wizard is aged, and does not see very well.

Real angels

Thanks to the accessories presented, angels performing on a big stage, in a cafe or restaurant, or who personally came to the kids with congratulations and a game scenario, will be fully perceived as "real" characters. " An exquisite beautiful wreath will allow the boy and girl playing this role to look as authentic as possible. Small golden laurel wreaths on a lace 1.6 m long will decorate the forehead and harmoniously complement the white curly wig. It is convenient that the rope fits snugly, tied and even after active dances and games will not fall off the angel's head.

To create the most complete image, wings on a cardboard basis are suitable (which means they are light, but they do not lose their shape), formed from down and feathers. Agree, it is difficult to imagine an angel without this accessory that is worn on the back. The base in white satin is decorated with golden threads, which is in perfect harmony with the other clothes of the character.

"Ladies'" things of the Snow Maiden

The New Year's costume for girls is largely associated with the image of the Snow Maiden, which is characteristic of the worldview of Eastern European countries. The young, fragile granddaughter (and in some variants daughter) of Santa Claus often accompanies him at all social events: from a visit to small children at home and ending with matinees in kindergarten or school. In order to fully transform into a role, it is imperative to provide for the following accessories:

  1. white or light brown braid;
  2. a neat little hat with a wide white fur trim.

Often a fairy-tale girl comes to visit in a blue or white fur coat, which visually emphasizes her cold, snowy, winter origin.

Miter for Saint Nicholas

According to the New Julian calendar, this wizard "begins" the season of the New Year holidays, which smells of comfort and home warmth. On December 19, in the morning, children wait until there is a sweet or a small gift under their pillow: a toy or a book. New Year's costumes for adults that create this image are in many ways similar to the festive clothes of priests, because it is Saint Nicholas who is the only fairy-tale character with a real prototype of the priests who helped poor people and everyone who needed it.

Together with the length of the shirt and the robe, the miter completes the image, made like a small hat with golden stripes and the obligatory image of a cross. All embroidery with ribbons is done by hand, which means that it is of high quality and reliable. The presence of a lining allows you to warm your head, because the artist can perform in an open location or constantly move around the city to congratulate the kids.

You should definitely buy a carnival costume with a long white curly wig, so that the image is complete and presented to children exactly as they are used to seeing it on TV, in books or on postcards. Miter with golden ribbons on a white satin background looks festive and restrained at the same time.

Merry elves

These characters settled in our usual life, coming from Western mythology, more precisely from Scandinavian. If initially they were only as guardians of gold near the rainbow (which makes them look like leprechauns), then over time they switched to Christmas content and became Santa Claus's faithful helpers. You can buy New Year's costumes for these characters, and besides that, pay attention to accessories that make the image complete. Among such details are:

  • false long pointed ears;
  • a massive golden plaque of a black belt, which is in many ways similar to the belt of the most important wizard.

Important details look great on a green velvet or velor suit.

How to age an artist?

Carnival costumes store directly from an ambitious national manufacturer, along with a huge selection of clothes, opens up the possibility of a full visualization of the image. Wigs and beards will allow even a young artist to become an aged Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. Wigs can be worn as an independent decoration or under a hat. Among the first, such models are in great demand:

  • curly short for angels;
  • long gray hair with a central parting, which just instantly make an age fairytale hero out of the artist.

The staff is a long magic wand with a winter character

If you believe the legends and fairy tales, then it is at the behest of this magical detail that Santa Claus can freeze the river and send a snow storm. And chests with gifts can appear if the wizard thinks that you are worthy of them.

Standard or unusual New Year's costumes will be complemented by an accessory with different design options for the upper part:

  1. a polygonal snowflake with a metallic silver base shimmering in the sun and small stones;
  2. swirling month with additional coils on the surface.

For the New Year, costumes have ceased to be something unusual, strange or extra-expensive, such that not everyone can afford. Today you can find an outfit for yourself, your team or for company employees, so that a party in a cafe or restaurant ceases to be an ordinary feast, but turns into something interesting, costumed and with a script.

Close your hands!

Remember that children aged 3–5 years old instantly “read” different information. They will easily understand, evaluating the appearance of the brushes, that their mother is in the Snow Maiden's costume, or their beloved dad is in the decoration of Santa Claus. Then the surprise itself disappears, and the kids may wonder - are the characters so real or are they all fictions? New Year's carnival costumes can be supplemented with gloves and mittens, so that the visual image of the character looks holistic, and so that the kids do not learn that the heroes are ordinary people, and not fairy-tale characters. The best craftsmen offer the following range of products:

  • 1 or 5 fingers;
  • plain and combined with white edging;
  • different shades: white, blue, red;
  • classic or decorated with embroidery;
  • muff for the Snow Maiden.

Where to put gifts?

It is possible under the tree, but this is a good option if the child wakes up in the morning and runs to see if something awaits him. Fairy tale characters often come with bags, and even cool New Year's costumes are accompanied by this accessory. Of course, it is correct if the color of the clothing material matches the color of the product - blue, red, white with blue embroidery. There are various options for the choice of customers that are tightened with a fabric cord and are additionally decorated with a bell or a tassel.

Accessories are just as important as the party wear itself. Their use depends not only on the most accurate transformation into an image, but also on protection from the fact that the audience of little "why" will detect the substitution and the fact that the fairy-tale characters are not real.

New Year is a great time to believe in miracles, both for adults and children, and dressing up in traditional or funny New Year's costumes itself allows you to get even closer to the winter fairy tale.

6 June, 2021

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