Same and different beards: a necessary accent for the image of Santa Claus, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas

Same and different beards: a necessary accent for the image of Santa Claus, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas

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Among the many types of beards, only one does not require maintenance and constant cutting - the beard of Santa Claus. There are men for whom she becomes an integral part of the image. But as soon as they shave, it is difficult to recognize them in the crowd. And if you put on a Santa Claus costume, you can turn into the most recognizable and beloved man from this category. So what's so magical about a beard?

Only white, curly, thick, and of course long - this is the beard of Santa Claus. Looking at her, there is a feeling of kindness, love and something magical. For many, it is associated with New Year's attributes and a festive mood. Whether the beard is real or artificial is an interesting question. But with the onset of New Year and Christmas days, there is no need to doubt any details of the image of Santa Claus.

Beard: features of choosing an important accessoryBeard of Santa Claus White

The finishing touch to the image of Santa Claus will be a luxurious beard. When choosing this necessary attribute, pay attention to the fact that it harmoniously complements the New Year's costume, is as realistic as possible, pleasant to the touch. Do not forget that almost all children love to test it for strength and naturalness.

When choosing a product, you should consider the following points:

  • Fastening the beard. Only high-quality fixation will provide reliable fastening, and your beard will remain in place even with sudden movements. Usually the accessory is made with an elastic band, it holds well and is versatile, therefore it is suitable for any shape and size of the face.
  • Naturalness. One of the most important selection criteria. The product should look believable. High-quality models weigh more than 300 grams. Beards made of high-quality kanekalon material look and feel like natural ones. There are different options for density: rare and lush.
  • Length. The most common option is 60 sm. There are also beards that are quite long 80 centimeters. For an accessory that looks rich and convincing, choose a long and thick beard.

Considering these nuances, you can buy a luxurious beard of Santa Claus of a snow-white shade, and order a suit for the New Year to it. Such a purchase will save you unnecessary hassle and handicrafts. Of course, the "cotton wool" option is considered budgetary, but a solid wizard should have a high-quality and real attribute. Agree, the feeling of miracle and magic is always pleasant, especially if you give it to people along with a fairy tale.

Lush beard is the key to the success of the image of Santa Claus

A high-quality product will come in handy for creating the image of a New Year's wizard who is going to a corporate party to create a real sensation and charm beautiful ladies. With such a beard, it's not a shame to appear at a children's matinee. To appear amid the screams of children at the holiday and admire their admiring eyes is the greatest reward.

High quality carnival costumes inspire confidence, belief in dreams and miracles. Even adults sometimes sincerely believe that a fairy tale is real, and desires will certainly come true. Indeed, there is nothing more mysterious, more long-awaited than the onset of New Year's Eve.

Shortly before the onset of the Christmas and New Year holidays, many are trying to decorate the house, complete the work they have begun, some are in a hurry to deal with debts. Waiting for a miracle, not only kids, but also adults. Therefore, the task of the wizard is to fulfill wishes, amuse and cheer up.

Nobody can argue that Santa Claus is the most important character at the holiday. His image is always in the spotlight, without a kind wizard, even a tree does not light its lights. Children always want to take a picture with the gift giver, and not only take a picture for memory, but also to fulfill their wishes.

Since the beard is an important attribute in its most prominent position, it must be of high quality. Coming to the house of the children, traditionally boys and girls recite poems, sing songs, sit on the wizard's lap and whisper quietly in his ear their wishes for the next year. Not without twitching for a precious beard, you need to make sure that the real Grandfather Frost came to them?

Santa Claus often appears accompanied by his granddaughter. The adult Snow Maiden costume will help to pay tribute to the tradition. In the image of a fairytale sorceress, you will be no less popular at a corporate party or matinee. You can try on a classic outfit in white and blue tones, wear a fitted sheepskin coat or boyar attire to match Santa Claus.

Costume of St. Nicholas UgodnikSaint Nicholas - a bearded miracle worker with a long history

Every year on December 19, children are looking under the pillow for their gift or delicious treats from Nicholas the Wonderworker. The main patron saint of babies comes early in the morning or at night, leaving each child a cherished gift. He is in a hurry to drop in to everyone, so as to quietly leave sweets at the head of the bed, which little dreamers are looking forward to. He may not come to the mischievous people, knowing this, many children try to behave well throughout the year.

The lush and long beard of St. Nicholas, it lies beautifully on the chest, and the snow-white curls give the image of the beloved character special kindness and wisdom. He wears a rich jacket embroidered with gold patterns, warm mittens and felt boots - the old man has to wade through the snow drifts.

A centuries-old history is associated with the image of Nicholas the Wonderworker, so it will be useful to know about the cult hero in order to choose the right costume of St. Nicholas and reincarnate into a stately old man. A large gray-haired beard gives the image maximum naturalness. Therefore, the embodiment of such a character in reality should be approached responsibly, adhering to historical accuracy in every detail.

To create a unique, as close as possible, image of a popular pet, choose only high-quality outfits and attributes in the Kostumi Store:

  • the beard is made of kanekalon, the material has an organic structure, looks beautiful and is similar to natural curls;
  • comfortable and secure fixation on the head using a double elastic band or a fixation system that excludes unexpected slipping of the beard during sudden movements and bends;
  • the ability to choose original options for any costumes for the new year: beards are of different lengths (from 40 to 80 sm), differ in shape, density and color;
  • the products look realistic, with proper care, they retain their crystal purity and snow-white color.

Any model you choose is fully consistent with the images you create. In addition, beards can have different curls, the degree of fluffiness, and be different in weight. So, if you want a not long version, you can stop your gaze at a short, but rather fluffy beard.

Of course, a product of impressive length with thick white fibers looks more solid. When choosing one or another option, make sure that the accessory fits exactly in the overall style and color of the image being created, without radically differing from the main outfit.

Santa's beard: an essential decoration for a chimney loverBeard of Santa Claus Blond

Holiday shop windows, billboards and short videos - Santa Claus is everywhere. Many children and adults also sometimes call him Santa Claus. They seem to be outwardly similar, but still significant differences. For example, Santa's beard is neat, short and curly.

In order to quickly turn into a fairy-tale character, it is not necessary to grow a real beard, you can turn to the rental of New Year's costumes. This issue can be easily solved with the help of an appropriate accessory - a snow-white beard. The product is made of high quality synthetic fiber, imitates natural hair well. Beautifully styled curls give a luxurious volume to a professional attribute.

Simple and easy accessory care

A fake beard does not require much maintenance, but it is recommended to wash and comb it. If there is a desire to repaint the product, it is better not to try to do it yourself. Otherwise, such an experiment can lead to irrevocably damaged things. It is also not advisable to trim the beard yourself. If necessary, it is allowed to thin out or shorten a little using sharp scissors.

Gentle washing of the product

If the beard made of artificial materials is dirty, you can wash it. The regular shampoo you use on your hair will work, or you can also use a shower gel. To clean an accessory, pour room temperature water into a small container and gently smooth it down to wash it. Movements should be smooth, try not to entangle the fibers. Conditioner can be used to add shine and chic to artificial hair.

At the end of the wash, be sure to rinse the beard to rinse off the remaining foam and shampoo. It is not recommended to wring out the product, let the water drain. If possible, it is better to dry it in the fresh air, but not under the scorching sun, you can also use the cold airflow of a hair dryer.

Combing the beard

The New Year's accessory will last a long time if you follow the basic rules of care. You cannot comb a wet beard, you should wait until it dries, and only then gently straighten the curls. If the beard is long, brush it in small strands from bottom to top. It is good if you use a special brush designed for artificial hair and wigs. Wooden combs are also good and do this kind of work well.

In the case of a curly beard, we recommend spreading it out slightly with your hands. In stores, there are often special sets of brushes and sprays that provide care for synthetic beards and wigs. If the fibers are a little tangled, simply spray onto the garment and comb through. This will give more neatness and freshness to the appearance, and will update your product. The product should not contain oils, otherwise the beard will shine.

It is better to store the beard in a cardboard box suitable for the size of the product. Too long models should be bandaged in several places, this will help to avoid tangling during long-term storage.

Preparing for the New Year holidays is always pleasant chores that immerse each of us in the atmosphere of childhood and happiness, magic and expectation of a miracle! Searching for presents, treats, gifts for children and relatives, planning a holiday menu, and of course dressing up. Beautiful New Year's costumes for adults, although presented in great abundance, sometimes make you nervous, because you want to be original to look believable.

Treat your loved ones by dressing up as a Snowman, Santa or Elves from Kostumi Store. We are sure that a sea of ​​unforgettable and real emotions are guaranteed to you!

10 October, 2021

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