How to make a Santa Claus costume yourself: we create the magic of the holiday together

How to make a Santa Claus costume yourself: we create the magic of the holiday together

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With the New Year and Christmas holidays approaching, the pre-holiday bustle and pleasant worries to create a special atmosphere reign around. Who among us does not think about the brightest holiday with congratulations from the magical Santa Claus. Of course, you can dress up yourself as a legendary character by renting or purchasing. If you don't want to buy an outfit, there is an option to sew it yourself, using our master class.

Preparing image elements for cutting

Santa Claus costume designIt is better to start the needlework process by planning the components of the future outfit, focusing on several options. It can be a separate set, consisting of an insulated jacket and pants, a floor-length robe or a fabulous fur coat. By the way, cutting is easy, taking a regular dressing gown as a basis, adding a few centimeters along the length.
Remember also about the details: you need to complement the image of the lord of Winter with a chic hat, a silver beard, so that your hands are not cold, you will need mittens. To fulfill the wish of those present at the holiday, Santa Claus will need a staff and a bag of gifts. In addition, think over the color palette of the fur coat and other elements. Usually red fabric is used, blue tint, white or silver is popular.

Materials and tools for needlework:

  • choice of fabric: velor, velvet or satin - approximately 5 meters;
  • fur decor - 1.4 m;
  • for decoration - buttons, sequins, beads, snowflakes, ribbons;
  • threads, scissors;
  • sewing machine, overlock.
For making a fur coat, a short-nap fabric such as velor, velvet is suitable, you can also use satin, satin or flannel. For finishing the sleeves, collar, hem, you will need faux fur or a white flap, braid. Applique, decor can be made of beads, heat-resistant snowflakes, beads, bright buttons. Choose items for jewelry based on personal preference.
For those who are sewing for the first time or lack experience in needlework, we advise you to use a ready-made pattern for beginners.
With this pattern, you can easily cut the fabric using a minimum of basic parameters - the width and length of the outfit, the size of the shoulder, the length of the sleeves. The Santa Claus costume should not be narrow and strictly according to certain values, a slightly loose cut is allowed. Having made it a universal size, it will suit a man of any physique, and even a slender girl. After all, the New Year is a time of fairy tales and fun, so guests can also dress up in this costume.

Step-by-step description of the process of cutting, sewing and decorating

First of all, the base of the robe and sleeves are cut out, then you can start with the hat and mittens. Prepare a pre-ironed piece of fabric in order to more conveniently and more accurately make cutting of parts. The material is laid out on a flat surface, folded inward with the front side.

Detailed master class on creating a fur coat for Santa Claus:

Patterns for the costume of Santa Claus
  • Lay out the finished template for the back and shelves on the fabric.
  • Circle the pattern with chalk or a piece of dry soap, taking into account the allowances. For the armhole and on the shoulder, 1.0-1.5 cm is enough, the neck is 0.7 cm.
  • Cut out the details of the pattern.
  • For the convenience of stitching the resulting cut elements, you can assemble them using pins. If necessary, adjust the width, length or neckline for the sleeves.
  • The next step is to sew the details along the shoulder and side seams.
  • Zigzag each seam to keep the edges of the fabric from ripping.
  • Next, you need to sew the sleeves, similarly processing the scars. Then sweep them into the armholes.
  • Sew on the collar. It can be made from the same material as a fur coat or white fur fabric can be used.
When the base of the suit is ready, you can start finishing it.
Rhinestones, beads, fluffy white fur, located in the form of frosty patterns, look beautiful. The outfit can be complemented with snowflakes and lace braid. Do not forget to process the bottom of the product. To do this, sweep a strip of fur to the hem, bending it over to the front side and securing it to the product.
It is better to stitch fur trim along the bottom and sides at a distance of 0.1-0.2 cm from the cut line, trying to prevent the fur from getting under the stitching. When finished, remove the hand basting, smooth out the decor with a comb.
Santa Claus costume will be incomplete without a belt. This piece is made long and wide so that you can loop freely around the waist and tie. The belt is not difficult to cut, it is enough to cut a strip 25 centimeters wide and approximately 3 meters long from the fabric, taking into account 1 cm for allowances. In the absence of a single piece, you can use several flaps by stitching them together.
The workpiece should be folded in half, bending inside the edge of the belt, then sewn. The ends of the finished part should be decorated with fluffy white fur. The traditional outfit element of a winter character is ready!

A few guidelines for cutting and sewing:

Cut out the costume of Santa Claus
  1. If the New Year's greetings and festivities take place in the fresh air, then it is worthwhile to provide for the insulation of the fur coat by making a lining on a padding polyester.
  2. The fur will flake less during cutting if you use tailor's pins at an angle.
  3. If the seams are thick enough, you should slightly loosen the presser foot on the sewing machine and increase the stitches, so it will be easier to work with the material.
  4. A decorative shimmery effect can be created using sequins, sequin embroidery, or ready-made snowflakes.
When sewing the costume of the main character of the winter fairy tale, also consider the length of the sleeve. It should not be too short, because the hem of the sleeve of the sheepskin coat is traditionally long, covering about half of the mittens. The width of the sleeves can be made 30-35 cm, they should be as free as possible.

Creating accessories for the New Year's character Santa Claus

The integrity of the fabulous image of the most important character of the New Year must be supplemented with New Year's outfit. You can start by patterning and sewing a hat. You can use a ready-made sketch or take as a basis the version of the headdress available at home.
When sewing a hat with your own hands, you must first take measurements by measuring the circumference of the head and dividing the result in half. Next, estimate, if the parameters of the paper template are suitable, you can immediately transfer them to the fabric. If you need to change the dimensions, then it's not difficult to do this: just increase or decrease the parameters.
The future hat is sewn from the bottom, rim and top. These parts must be cut out from the seamy side, taking into account the seam allowances. Then you can start sewing the top and bottom. In order for the shape of the headdress to hold well, it is necessary to sew a band. As a basis, it is better to use a starched cotton cloth or thick cardboard.
After grinding all the details on a sewing machine, it remains to add decorative elements to the finished product. You can take glue-based beads, sew white fur to the frill. Shimmering patterns from beads, ornaments from braid also look harmonious on the winter headdress of Santa Claus.

Mittens for a guest from a fairy tale

Pieces of fabric left after sewing a suit will do. You can use a ready-made pattern or make schematic sketches of an adult's palm, leaving 1.0-1.5 cm for the seams. As with the base and hat, transfer the pattern to the fabric. Each of the mittens consists of one outer side of the part, as well as two inner ones (bottom and top).

The process of cutting and sewing mittens includes the main stages:

Santa's gloves
  • First, one mitten on the fabric is outlined according to the pattern, the second is easy to cut out by shifting the first in a mirror image.
  • The material is cut with seam allowances (we leave, as usual, one to one and a half cm).
  • First we sew 2 inner elements, then we connect them to the outer part. The seams are made from the inside out and must be overlocked so that the threads do not fall off.
When the details are stitched, the product needs to be turned out and beautifully decorated. To do this, use artificial fur, various New Year's tinsel, rhinestones, rain or snowflakes. The flight of imagination is not limited, the main thing is not to overdo it with the decor.

Variations in making a beard

The first step is to decide on the material. To create a beard, white paper, fur, an old light-colored wig, synthetic winterizer or ordinary threads are suitable. Of course, this important attribute of Santa Claus should look believable, so choose the most realistic option.

How to create a beard from a wig:

You will need artificial hair, a piece of felt, white threads, a needle, scissors, a glue gun, an ordinary elastic band about 50 cm, a centimeter.
First you need to draw a sketch of a mustache and beard of the desired size on felt, cut out a blank. To prevent the beard from sleeping at the wrong time, you need to fix it with an elastic band. Then, carefully, starting from the frontal area of ​​the wig, remove the artificial strands using scissors. The removed hair should be folded to the side, it will stick to the beard. According to this principle, you should rid the wig of curls, reaching the back of the head.
A beard made of artificial fibers will look believable due to the large number of fluffy strands. In addition, leaving a little hair on the back of the wig, the image of Santa Claus will be no worse than the real one. From under the hat, silver hair will peep out, like a fairy-tale character.
At the final stage, you should glue the strands, moving in the direction from the end of the beard to the mustache. To cover the lip area, you can attach vertical strands to the mustache with an adhesive. The magic attribute of Santa Claus is ready to create a full-fledged image.
Another interesting option would be to use an old white sweater. You just need to dissolve the product into separate fibers, which are wavy and realistic. Like creating a beard from a wig, we glue the woolen threads onto a previously prepared cotton base. This is how you can make a real beard so that under the thick gray hair no one will recognize the one who decides to try on this image.

How to sew a gift bag

Santa Claus bag for giftsWhat is Santa Claus without a big bag of sweets and gifts? The attribute does not require sewing skills and complex patterns. All you need is a piece of fabric, a centimeter, a typewriter and a good mood. The bag should match the overall look, so it's best to use the fabric used for the main body of the suit.
There will be two details for the holiday attribute. Cut a rectangle 80 centimeters wide and 1 meter high. Then three sides are sewn together, the free fourth must be processed or closed with a seam, a rope must be passed through it. The finished product can be decorated with thematic ornaments, decorated with snow-white or sparkling snowflakes, and beads can be attached in the form of winter patterns.
Don't forget to craft a staff for Santa Claus. You can use a wooden or plastic blank by wrapping it with beautiful tape, foil or New Year's rain. The top of the staff can be supplemented with any element in the form of a star, a large snowflake, a Christmas tree toy or other New Year's figurine.
This is how you can create an original, one-of-a-kind outfit of a fairy-tale character. By the way, if you don't have the opportunity to cut and sew yourself, and also want to be the center of attention at a corporate party or a children's party, you can buy a Santa Claus costume at the Kostumi Store. And what will be your Santa Claus, it is up to you to choose!


16 July, 2021

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