The main character of the New Year: acquaintance with Santa Clauses of different continents

The main character of the New Year: acquaintance with Santa Clauses of different continents

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Each of us comes from childhood - we believe in a New Year's fairy tale, we look forward to magic, drawing scribbles, writing letters to Santa Claus as kids. And after the clock strikes at midnight, we start looking for the desired gifts. Who is carrying them? His role is often played by adults, wearing a Santa Claus costume. This wizard with a staff is different in every country. He wears different clothes, speaks a different language and has different helpers. These characters have one thing in common - they work wonders.

Do you want to know in more detail who visits children in Georgia or China on New Year's Eve? Then we dress warmly, sit in the sleigh and rush into a winter fairy tale!

Santa Claus USA Christmas costumes in the Kostumi StoreUSA - Santa Claus

The image of Santa is familiar to many. A cheerful, good-natured fat man who delivers gifts on Christmas night, easily recognizable by his red jacket or sheepskin coat, pants of the same color with white trim. On his head he wears a neat cap with a pompom. Of course, Santa is adorned with a long white beard.

In order to reach the children, the gray-bearded old man moves on a sleigh filled with gifts for obedient children, drawn by forest deer. Santa's residence is located in Lapland, it accommodates a whole retinue of New Year elves.

By the way, thousands of tourists go there every year. You, too, can hurry to a fairyland or try on the image of Santa by arranging a vivid performance in your "residence", a New Year's costume will definitely come in handy in this.

Norway - NisseSanta Claus costume

According to legend, the Norwegian winter character comes from brownies and fairy gnomes. His outfit is a long bright red cap, funny striped stockings and original shoes made of leather or wood.

As befits real wizards, he is characterized by a kind disposition, although he lives in a harsh Scandinavian country, in Norway. Next to him is always a faithful companion and assistant - the wife of Nissemur. The New Year character is moving on a sleigh. Rumor has it that in the old days they harnessed real foxes. That would be to meet such a Santa Claus!

France - Peer Noel

French Santa Claus Peer Noel or "Christmas father", although similar to other New Year characters, still has its own differences. Always wears a wide-brimmed fur coat, in his hands a magic staff.

With the onset of the festive night, he drives up to the dwellings on a gray donkey, then nimbly descends through the chimney. Neatly and imperceptibly arranges gifts into boots and boots, left specially in front of the fireplace.

The tradition of dressing up in images of New Year's characters has existed all over the world for hundreds of years. Why not give up your usual clothes and choose costumes for the new year to please the kids and diversify the holiday.

Japanese character - Segatsu-san

The name of this character in translation means "Mr. New Year". His holiday speeches can be heard throughout Golden Week. This means that the Japanese, young and old, are waiting for his visit throughout the week. Only gifts from him should not be expected. It just so happened in Japan that parents give gifts to kids.

Looks original, really deserves special attention. His long white beard reaches almost to the floor. Such an unusual symbol of the New Year for many of us wears a green festive kimono, the head is adorned with a national Japanese-style hat. If you happen to meet Segatsu-san, you will definitely not understand that this is a real Santa Claus.

Santa Claus costumeAustralia - Santa Claus

New Year's Eve begins here in a sultry summer, the local Santa Claus wears a shirt and shorts. Of course, he is adorned with a white beard. Santa loves surfing, so don't be surprised if you spot him in swimming trunks.

Locals come to celebrate the New Year at the popular Bondi Beach. Traditionally, Santa congratulates the inhabitants of the continent, only his appearance is much more original than the rest - sweeping on his personal surfboard in front of the inhabitants of Australia.

The celebration of the New Year in Australia takes place in the open air, and therefore the event is accompanied by fun, emotional exclamations of the Australians. The holiday is not complete without horns, thunder of drums, horns and beautiful fireworks. The next day, the holiday continues on the beach again, but with picnics and barbecue dishes. And of course, surfers are crossing the ocean.

Germany - WeinachtsmannSanta Claus costume

"Christmas man" - this is the translation of the name of the German Santa Claus. He visits the kids on a winter Christmas night, quietly leaving the presents under the tree. Its appearance is similar to the classic Santa Claus and Santa Claus. He is a friendly old man with glasses with a huge, bushy beard. It is not difficult to recognize him by his red coat with white trim and a traditional red cap.

For obedient children, he prepared a huge bag with gifts, and in the other hand - rods for the most pampered mischievous people. With the onset of New Year's Eve in winter, Weinachtsman moves on a funny donkey, for which the children prepare in advance a bundle of hay in a shoe on the porch of the house. An interesting tradition exists in the coastal cities of Germany. Here the New Year's wizard sails on a huge ship with gifts.

An ordinary Santa Claus always has his indispensable companion nearby - the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden. Does the German Weinachtsman have an assistant? Yes, together with him congratulates the kids and delivers sweets Christkind. This is an angel girl with blonde hair and incredible charm. Her outfit is different from the traditional one, and she wears a golden fur coat or dress. Her angelic head is adorned with a crown. As befits a real angel, she has golden wings behind her.

The image of a gentle fairytale heroine is no less popular than her famous grandfather, which means it's time to buy an adult Snow Maiden costume for yourself. Preparing for the New Year holidays always immerses us in an unusual atmosphere of celebration and expectation of a miracle long before the clock strikes at midnight.

Italian character Babo Nattale

To the Italian children comes his Santa Claus, familiar to them under the name of Babo Nuttale. It is generally accepted that Saint Nicholas is its historical predecessor. It is his image that is the only Christian saint who brings gifts on Christmas night.

The appearance of Babo Natalle reminds everyone of the familiar Santa - the same cap with a pompom on his head and a red sheepskin coat with a white edge. The wizard moves in a sleigh, leaves them quietly on the roof of the house, and he makes his way inside through the chimney. Preparing for the holiday, children leave him treats and fresh milk so that he will gain strength after a long journey.

According to legend, Babo Natale first lived at the North Pole, then his residence in Lapland, located in the northern part of Finland, became his habitat. This is where Italian kids send letters with their stories and requests.

By the way, the indigenous people of Italy consider Alto Adige as another place of residence of Babbo Natale. This is a picturesque place in the north of the country, bordering Austria and Switzerland. It seems that it is no coincidence that this region was chosen for the New Year character. After all, here in the valleys there are ancient towns with medieval castles, descended as if from the pages of fairy tales.

Since it is rather difficult to get there, it is better to arrange a real holiday at home, giving a good mood to your children. A suit of Santa Claus for hire or other characters that are indispensable on New Year's holidays and beloved by all kids and adults will be perfect for you.

Santa Claus costumeFinland - Joulupukki

The name of this good-natured grandpa is probably on everyone's lips. And whoever first hears the unusual name "Joulupukki" for the first time, then it is worth knowing that in translation it means "Christmas goat". Such an interesting name is due to the fact that a goat was harnessed to the New Year's cart, and the Finnish Santa Claus wore a goat skin for a long time.

He is small in stature, his assistants are a whole retinue of dwarfs, accompanied by Joulupukki who delivers gifts to people. On the head of the Finnish grandfather there is a red cap or a cone-shaped hat of the same bright color, a short fur coat.

Finnish Santa Claus settled on Korvatunturi mountain, located in the north of Helsinki. Together with him, hundreds of dwarfs and his wife live there. They climbed such a high mountain so that from the top of Korvatunturi it is good to hear the Christmas wishes of children from all over the world.

If you want the holiday to really become a wonderful fairy tale for the whole family, it is better to think in advance who you want to become on this day. Maybe a snowman costume will suit you. This is one of the most recognizable and beloved symbols of the snowy winter. It will become a decoration of the holiday and, along with other elements of New Year's decor, will give a sea of ​​positives.

China - two at once: Sho Hing or Shan Dan LaozhenSanta Claus costume

In the Celestial Empire, the celebration of the New Year lasts fifteen days, the main character of the festivities is the colorful Santa Claus. The Chinese magician has several names, he can be called: Sho Hin, Dong Che Lao Ren, Shan Dan Laozhen. To utter at least one of them is truly a skill. Perhaps only Chinese children can call a magician by name without hesitation.

The wise old man will dress up in a luxurious red silk outfit with gold embroidery. Probably, this is one of the most well-read Santa Clauses, since there are many Confucius quotes in his vocabulary arsenal. He travels all over China on a donkey, which apparently has magical high-speed hooves. After all, there are a huge number of small residents in China, and everyone needs to be congratulated.

If you fail to try on such an image, carnival costumes will always save you, thanks to which you can take part in a New Year's performance, become an actor at a corporate event, or surprise your family and friends. Such a New Year celebration will leave only pleasant memories.

Santa Claus costumeGeorgia - Tovilis Babua

If you translate literally Tovilis Babua is a snow grandfather. Georgian Santa Claus does not look like other New Year wizards. He is a stately old man in beautiful national dress chokhe, white or black. There is a burka on the shoulders, and on the head is a white sheepskin hat.

A Georgian Santa Claus comes to the kids with an original woven sack made of multi-colored woolen fibers, beautifully decorated with bells. He has no accompanying persons and a granddaughter. New Year in Georgia is always a special atmosphere, because this country has many interesting legends and national traditions.

Russia - Ded Moroz

Tall, dignified and stern kind-hearted - such a magician is met by Russian children. On New Year's, it is easy to recognize him by his red sheepskin coat, embroidered with silver threads and warm felt boots. Of course, he has a thick and long beard, in his hands a magic staff.Santa Claus costume

His festive outfit is adorned with a wide belt, and beautiful mittens embroidered with ornament are on his hands. During the year, the magician receives letters from children, and with the arrival of the winter fairy tale, he hurries to them in a sleigh pulled by three horses. His companion is the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden. Sometimes he appears on the doorstep of the house, accompanied by the Snowman. If the question is relevant for you: where to get a carnival outfit for the New Year, the best solution would be to rent New Year's costumes.

Each Santa Claus is a different and long-awaited character! They differ in festive clothes, character: one has a kind disposition, while the other may slightly scold. All wizards in the arsenal have a personal way to get into the holiday house.

A New Year's corporate party, children's party, themed event is approaching, but you don't know which image to try on? The online store Kostumi Store was created in order to select for you the most original costumes for adults for the new year and give you an excellent festive mood.

Kostumi Store - magic happens!

14 August, 2021

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