New Year's magic or how to create a festive atmosphere?

New Year's magic or how to create a festive atmosphere?

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Who among us has not fondly remembered a holiday from childhood? When you are looking forward to the moment to look under the green beauty and see your gifts, and even more interesting to find Santa Claus and his assistants, Snowmen and Elves. So I want to convey these emotions and instill traditions in my children, to maintain faith in a fairy tale in them and in myself!

How to organize a holiday? After all, Santa Claus is one, and he has to catch everyone.

Do not expect a miracle, create it yourself! Remember how our parents sewed costumes of snowflakes and angels from improvised means? And this funny Santa Claus with a cotton beard? But the tradition of dressing up in carnival costumes has its own history, much longer and our favorite characters: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden appeared only in 1935.

Santa Claus is a gray-haired old man with a long, thick and fluffy beard like snow, who traveled on a sleigh pulled by luxurious reindeer and the Snow Maiden, his granddaughter and helper, an ice beauty. And the main assistant of Santa Claus is the Snowman, who personifies the spirit of winter. New Year's costumes were gaining more and more popularity, becoming more colorful and interesting, but even 10 years ago it was a problem to buy a ready-made suit.

So where can you get your New Year's costume now?

Fortunately, times are changing and the range of possibilities is huge, but you should not buy New Year's costumes in an unverified place or order, for example, from China. After all, the delivery time and, which is not unimportant, the quality (it is important that the fabrics used are of high quality, because the appearance and realism of the costume depend on this) can disrupt or ruin your holiday! In this case, the employees of the online store Kostumi store will be your faithful helpers!

Kostumi store is the best manufacturerof New Year's costumes and accessories in Ukraine! High quality, handmade and own production in the city of Kiev!

Huge selection of men's and women's New Year's costumes: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Saint Nicholas, fairy elves, a snowman and even angels. New Year's costumes and accessories with delivery throughout Ukraine and around the world in the online store Kostumi store.

Kostumi store- magic to be!

14 April, 2021

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