Christmas Helpers and Their Role in Fairy Shows

Christmas Helpers and Their Role in Fairy Shows

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New Year's costumes for adults include not only TOP characters like Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or Saint Nicholas. Scenarios for corporate events, performances on the big stage, demands of modern children and even marketing trends influence the fact that along with such characters, others are becoming more and more popular, which we see in cartoons, films and advertisements. A reliable and proven manufacturer offers clothes with which you can quickly and fully transform into different images for people of different ages and with different figures:

  • Angel;
  • Elf;
  • Deer;
  • Snowman.

The Snowman costume for the New Year is perfect for a holiday in the company of both adults and children. This cute and slightly voluminous character will be a decoration of a matinee in a kindergarten, kindergarten or school. Snowman's New Year's costumes are suitable for men and women, and due to the different size range, they can be safely bought for young artists so that they later perform at celebrations. And photos of children from such events next to a snow-white hero, whose body consists of 3 balls, decorated with buttons and a carrot nose, will really be bright and memorable.

The hero in this massive dress with a wonderful top hat can lead a round dance with the children, listen to a verse and praise the child, give a gift and make them believe in a real miracle. Just imagine how a daughter or son will react to a visit home from a funny character? And in order for the surprise to really succeed, it is necessary to purchase a Snowman costume inexpensively from us and think in advance who exactly will wear it for a full-fledged transformation.

Where did the elves come from?

Elves are the helpers of Santa Claus and other Western magical characters with the same status, but with a different name, who, according to legend, bring gifts to obedient children at Christmas or New Year. The duties of funny gnomes include a lot:

  • disassemble letters to find out what kind of gift every kid around the world wants;
  • check the condition of the sleigh;
  • feed the reindeer in the harness;
  • to wrap gifts.

Elf costume for boys and girls is presented. Traditionally, clothing combines green and white colors and has important attributes. Let's dwell on them in more detail. These are slippers with a raised nose up, which decorate the bells - when the elf walks, everyone around him hears it. Secondly, these are striped leggings, which, as it were, emphasize the young age of the hero, although it is not clear how old he really is. The young age disposes to itself and allows children to quickly establish communication with the fairytale hero. The elf's costume necessarily consists of knee-length breeches, as well as a caftan - an elongated jacket. It is decorated with gold and white stripes, has a sharp triangular fold-over collar, large buttons and a wide black belt.

The headdress deserves special attention. This is a small hat (less often a cap), which, like the entire costume, is made of green and white material. As a beautiful thematic decoration - red berries and fox mistletoe, which have become an integral part of the decor in the Christmas-New Year period, both at home and in clothes.

A high-quality adult elf costume for a girl is in many ways similar to its male counterpart. The girl has leggings instead of white and green, white and red, and instead of breeches and a jacket - an elongated X-silhouette dress, which is also belted at the waist. But the "musical" slippers with a raised toe remained. Instead of a small hat, the elf girl received a long green cap, which is also decorated with traditional floral arrangements.

What do Christmas elf costumes have in common?

  1. Décor of a folding sharp collar with red bubons.
  2. Wide white cuffs on sleeves.
  3. Light-colored gloves on the palm.
  4. A wide black belt with a golden plaque.
  5. Chunky black buttons.

In order for such a rich green color not to look dull, it is set off with a patch in the form of a golden ribbon. The Elf costume for the New Year for a boy and a girl is the perfect solution to make the characters more interesting or to fully decorate the holiday. Many parents choose in the catalog and order clothes of such a hero for their older children, adolescents, so that they play a role at a holiday at school, in circles, development centers, or even earn money with you by visiting children around the city, giving them short performances -congratulations. Recently, the Halloween elf costume has become popular.

Reindeer - Santa Claus's transport helpers

Largely thanks to cartoons and films from Western countries, we learned that reindeer, led by Rudolph, who has a red nose, pull the magic sleigh of Santa Claus and fly across the night sky of the planet. A unique beautiful New Year's deer costume is available in the catalog for representatives of creative teams, teachers-organizers of schools and kindergartens. These clothes are perfect for a boy and a girl. For a full-fledged transformation into an image, the designers have prepared such a deer costume for the New Year:

neat brown shoes resembling hooves;

full-length kangarim jumpsuit in rich brown color with light chest;

a hat with ties (which is very convenient, especially in conditions of movement - dancing and active games), which at the top has a voluminous muzzle with a red nose and the horns of this character.

Light-colored fabric trims the sleeves and pants. The artist's hands are covered with white gloves. High-quality fleece will not lose its presentable appearance even in conditions of frequent washing. Such a deer costume for adults will become a real decoration of a home party and a corporate party in a cafe.

Carnival costume of an angel - a symbol of faith and purity

Despite the significant attachment of the image to religion, this character increasingly appears at school, kindergarten and professional matinees that are organized in concert houses. A hero in a beautiful man-made angel costume will look perfect, because everything in clothes is thought out to the smallest detail. The decoration is suitable for a boy and a girl.

The adult angel costume is made in the form of a long white shirt made of high-quality satin. There is a soft blue one shoulder cape on the top front and back. The shade was not chosen by chance, because it is in this color of clothing that the clergy of the Christian rite conduct services. The cape is gathered in small folds and is additionally decorated with golden ribbon patches. What is an angel costume for the New Year without wings, and they are also there - made of small fragments of fabric and feathers. Additionally, there is a snow-white curly wig and a golden forehead ribbon that takes on the role of a halo. It is the golden color in the trim that is used to decorate the neckline, cuffs of long sleeves and the hem of the shirt.

Thanks to the presented adult New Year's costumes, any celebration will be interesting and complete, because you can enter various characters into the script. The holiday will be remembered by the audience at different ages and will leave the brightest memories, as well as vivid photos, videos and stories on social networks. Christmas and New Year are a period of miracles, and fairy-tale characters help them come true faster.

2 June, 2021

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