The perfect outfit for a New Year's wizard: features of choosing a Santa Claus costume

The perfect outfit for a New Year's wizard: features of choosing a Santa Claus costume

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The perfect outfit for a New Year's wizard: features of choosing a Santa Claus costume
New Year's bustle and cheerful, bright festivities, the main character of which is the long-awaited Santa Claus - a special time for each of us. A good-natured and colorful old man comes to children and adults to congratulate them on the holiday and give gifts. Anyone can become a legendary wizard, the main thing is to pick up a Santa Claus costume and accessories. We invite you to plunge into the festive atmosphere and find out what to look for when buying such a New Year's costume.

Fur coat: the main outfit of Santa ClausSanta Claus costume Fabulous Red

A classic outfit is created in a red palette, but blue and blue will look no less original. The main parameters that should be paid attention to when choosing clothes for a wizard:
Length. The product should be up to the toes. The length is not difficult to measure yourself along the back to the bottom. Knowing the growth parameters, you can choose a New Year's costume that fits perfectly. We do not recommend purchasing short options just below the knee, otherwise Grandpa will look ridiculous.
  • Fabrics. Making a fur coat from taffeta or curtain fabric is considered an economical option, designed for a short service life. Of course, if such materials are not supplemented with a doublerin-type gasket, such products will last more than one season. There is an artificial stretch velvet, as well as velor, jacquard. Such materials have long-term operation, look presentable, and do not lose their shape over time. They are ideal for sewing a quality fur coat.
  • The presence of fur. On budget suits, fleece is sometimes found instead of fur. In addition, artificial low-pile fur with a pile height of about 8-12 mm is used. Artificial material of the "mink" type and products with a pile of 18 mm or more look beautiful.
Be sure to consider on the street or in what room the New Year's outfit will be worn. If the festivities are planned in the fresh air, choose a warmed version on a padding polyester. Comfortable and practical options on a warm lining. These clothes look better.
Since the real fur coat of Santa Claus is floor-length, it is not necessary to purchase harem pants, quite ordinary trousers will do. By the way, to create a harmonious image you will need felt boots if you want to be like a real wizard! After all, shoes for a fairytale hero are not the best option.

Santa Claus costume Fabulous BlueAppliques, decorative elements: integral parts of the image

Often, high-quality New Year's costumes for adults outperform their counterparts thanks to bright decorations: intricate designs made of small beads and appliqués. Such a fur coat looks really fabulous in winter.
On a high-quality applique, patterns are cut out of fabric patches, reinforced with a special lining material or doublerin. So that the sections do not crumble, the edges of the elements must be processed with stitches on a sewing machine. As a rule, not one type of fabric is used to create patterns, but two or three or more.
Decorations made by spraying are less common. Drawings and patterns look pretty attractive, but they can crack over time. Therefore, choose good quality costumes for the New Year.
Sequins, beads, rhinestones and lace braid. Such decorations are often used to give a costume a festive look. In expensive outfits, Swarovski rhinestones can be used as decor. They shimmer beautifully, create a playful mood and add magic.
The clasp of a fur coat can be of a hidden type in the form of a zipper, buttons or Velcro. The easiest option is to imitate a hidden clasp. It is convenient, the product fits perfectly and symmetrically, it does not swing open from the belt. Velcro is also easy and comfortable to use.
For a fairy-tale hero, a high-quality suit is sewn on a lining. Such a product keeps its shape well, looks rich and luxurious, it is comfortable to wear, and it will last more than one New Year.

Perfect reincarnation: choosing accessories

The main wizard always has a lot to do on New Year's Eve. He needs to amuse the guests, arrange contests, and most importantly, he lights the tree and gives gifts to those present at the holiday. What about Santa Claus without a hat? A headpiece is one of the mandatory attributes!
Usually the hat is decorated with silver patterns or pearls, but even made of satin with a white edge, it will look solemn and elegant. Sometimes it is decorated with New Year's rain or original thematic decor in the form of snowflakes.

Not simple mittens of Santa ClausSanta's staff Golden Star

They can be in tune with the main outfit or classic white, embroidered with shimmering patterned threads. These mittens symbolize crystal purity. A New Year's character wears not just a winter accessory to warm his hands, mittens have magical properties that are revealed only with the onset of New Year's Eve. One cotton of such mittens is enough and in a moment what the winter wizard conceived appears.
For those who have been obedient for a year, the wizard's mittens are ready to turn for a while into a self-assembled tablecloth and fulfill any desires. But that is not all. Santa Claus can punish mischievous and mischievous children, it is enough for him to clap his hands. Even the gifts prepared by the parents of such children will turn into last year's sheets of paper in a matter of seconds ...

Set of beard and wig of Santa Claus Fabulous BlondBeard is the main attribute of the costume

The success of a full-fledged image, its authenticity and carnival costume in general, depends to a large extent on the beard. After all, the festive mood is created by the details. If the kids figure out the impostor with the paper beard, then the insignificant cost savings will no longer compensate for the bad mood and spoiled holiday. Therefore, we recommend that you do not skimp on a beard and choose a realistic high quality accessory.
Choosing a beard for a New Year's costume, you need to decide on the main parameters:
  • the density of the attribute;
  • length;
  • Colour.
If there is an opportunity to try on an accessory, be sure to use this and make sure that half of your face is covered and there is a slit for the mouth. In addition, color is important, the beard should be the same shade as the wig, so that each element looks harmonious and creates a single whole image.

A few tips for choosing a beard:

  • A set with a lush beard and a matching wig is ideal to avoid fiddling with preparations and hairstyles. Sometimes there is no desire and opportunity to make a special hair styling for the New Year's wizard, choose an original and realistic set: a beard and a wig. Lush white curls create a stunning effect. By the way, at corporate parties, fascinating contests are often arranged, after completing a mission with gifts, Santa Claus can take part in an exciting contest for the most fashionable, stylish hairstyle.
  • Thick white beard, length 50-60 cm - pretty decent size, looks rich and convincing. The length is enough to neatly disguise the fat man's slightly protruding tummy.
  • A chic set of a curly wig and a beard with a mustache are basic accessories; without them there is no full-fledged image of the main winter character. The set may also include matching clothing.
  • Being a wizard is a responsible business. If you can't buy accessories in advance, small indulgences are allowed for those men who temporarily try on a Santa Claus costume as an adult and become a wizard for their children. In this case, you can arrange a beard with the help of improvised means.

Sorcerer-Giver's Belt, Bag, and StaffSanta's bag for gifts Red

A belt for a fur coat is made of the same fabric as the outfit itself. You can choose it in different colors, both in red and blue tones. These are the most common colors, but red with white ornaments looks beautiful, symbolizing the connection with the ancestors.
The magic attribute of a fairy-tale character is a bag with goodies and gifts prepared for children and adults. This is not just a New Year's bag, no New Year's performance can do without this attribute. There are always children's dreams in it.
Before choosing a bag, you need to decide on the purpose of the purchase: you need it to use it once or to work in the image of a wizard. It is worth first to estimate how many gifts will fit in it. Such options are in demand:
  • Compact bag. Often its size is 50x75 cm. A good option for a few small gifts. Suitable for a dad who will change for his little ones.
  • Large bag, white, red or blue velor with appliqués. Its size is 75x100 cm. It can be decorated with a silver cord with a white fur tassel at the end. Ideal for a winter character going to matinees, corporate parties, visiting houses and apartments.
Don't forget about the staff. It can be made of wood in a silvery white color. It is decorated with glitter, voluminous patterns and shiny stones. The finishing touch is the top in the form of a snowflake or curl.
The pre-Christmas time is an excellent and long-awaited period to tackle your disguise. It's time to choose the required costumes and accessories for them. You need to try everything on in advance and see how the new beard of Santa Claus looks exactly on you, maybe you need another option ...
A male contender for the role of a winter wizard should take a responsible approach to creating an image in which fake details are excluded. Everything should be real and realistic: a fur coat or sheepskin coat, belt, hat, mittens, felt boots, and of course a beard. Of course it will take a good mood and a little acting skills. After all, becoming a wizard, even for one night, is an important job.
Women also do not stand aside and can change into an adult Snow Maiden costume - after all, most of the fair sex have dreamed of this since childhood. A sophisticated, beautiful fur coat of blue or white color, a fluffy soft muff, a shiny crown or a hat, and also boots are elements without which it is difficult to imagine a beautiful granddaughter. In order to become a real heroine of a fairy tale, it is enough to put on an outfit and choose a fashionable wig.
In order to transform into your favorite character on New Year's Eve, buy a ready-made costume from the Ukrainian manufacturer Kostumi Store. You can easily purchase a Snowman costume from us, both the most popular winter character and other heroes. We also offer accessories, kits, beards, carnival wigs, belts, staves, false bellies and much more.
You can profitably buy or rent kits from us so as not to look like a stereotyped character from a supermarket. Buying ready-made carnival costumes in our store, you will save your own nerves and time. When choosing this or that character, be prepared for the fact that your New Year's outfit of the hero will be believable in everything.

29 August, 2021

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