Santa Claus costume - clothes that do wonders

Santa Claus costume - clothes that do wonders

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Waiting for the New Year and Christmas period is always anxious and filled with positive emotions. A carnival costume, a Christmas tree and new decorations, interior and exterior decor, food and drinks for the festive menu, gifts, sweets - this is not a complete list of what needs to be foreseen in advance. It will not be difficult to buy a New Year's costume today, and to present a real fairy tale to your children or to devoted little spectators who gathered for the matinee, because the assortment of clothes worn by a real wizard from the North Pole.

How did the suit come about?

The tradition of reincarnating in mythical characters has two theories in parallel:

1. Christian - Santa Claus is similar to another fairy-tale character of St. Nicholas, who is revered in our country. According to legend, the Bishop of Myra in Lycia, Nicholas, performed alms and helped people.

2. Pagan narrates that interesting costumes for the New Year date back to the times when tribal members changed their roles for many celebrations. The prototype of the fabulous grandfather is the Bachelor or Treskun - a symbol of frost that existed in the mythology of the Slavs. You can also find the name Zimnik.

Why is Santa Claus aged?

The Santa Claus costume is always presented "aged". You must admit that we have not met a young character, and the very name contains the essence - Grandfather. This was done for a reason, because at an older age, the character is associated with experience, knowledge and arouses respect. In order for the "festive wizard" to look like a real grandfather, a beard and mustache are introduced into the Santa Claus costume. These elements are also present in the fairytale image of Santa Claus. It is believed that the beard must be like this:

• long - a symbol of age and, therefore, wisdom;

• snow-white - gray with age and white, because it was covered with snow, and it became light due to the fact that it is cold outside;

• curly, and traditionally a wig in a suit for Santa Claus is also included in the set and is in harmony with a white beard.

Red or blue suit of modern Santa Claus?

Traditionally, in the mentality of Ukrainians, these two shades have always been the most popular in stage clothes. Recently, more and more models appear in snow-white color, which are additionally embroidered with silver thread and inlaid with stones that shimmer under the influence of sunlight, creating the illusion that snow or small ice floes are melting on the fur coat.

A beautiful Santa Claus costume can be blue, white or red. The latter color is also typical for the creation of the image of Santa Claus in England and the USA, Babbo Natal in Italy, Claes in the Netherlands, Per Noel in France and Yollupuki in Finland. Norwegian Julebukk and Danish Yule Tomte can come to visit in a white and blue suit, or in clothes that combine these 2 shades. Our company offers to buy a Santa Claus costume of different shades, choosing an ideal solution from the catalog.

How did the image change?

The generally accepted image of the main character of the winter holidays was formed in stages. More than two centuries ago, he was portrayed in a cloak and with his head uncovered. The Dutch were the first to not just portray, but rather transform into a character. The character was slender with a chimney, which he used to unclog the chimney and toss gifts into it. A little later, the character received a red suit with a white edging and a headdress - a small hat (rarely with pearl decor) in Europe and a long cap in the American continent. The artist Thomas Nate came up with the idea to decorate the wizard with a beard, and clothes for Santa Claus were quickly "replicated" all over the planet.

A long fur coat is typical for the image of a character from Slavic countries, when the form of Santa Claus in Western and overseas countries was shorter and always had an important attribute - a black short belt. Longer and in the tone of the fur coat is also typical for the Ukrainian magician. To decorate a long fur coat, the following elements were often used, and traditionally continue to be used by masters of production:

• "goose stitch";

• stars, often 6 and 8 points;

• light ornament that visually resembles patterns, which creates frost on the windows.

It is also interesting that, in addition to the traditional silver shade, embroidery can be decorated with golden, blue, white inserts. But the Ukrainian magician never wore buttons, unlike his "partners" in the workshop - Santa Claus or Per Noel. Having looked at modern models, it is worth noting the fact: the classic and popular options are large collars, but "racks" are practically not found.

A few words about gloves

Santa Claus's outfit is traditionally complemented by three-fingered mittens, while Western characters wear perfect white gloves. We often see that the accessory for the palms along the edge is decorated with a white insert, as a reference to swan's down. Additionally, a shiny insert can be used in the image between the main fabric and white, adding a magical shine to a fairy-tale character.

What kind of shoes do you need?

It is convenient that you can buy a Santa Claus costume immediately with shoes, thereby solving an important question - what to wear this character in. We often see an aged winter wizard in red or silver boots with a raised toe. Sometimes he has felt boots or thick wool boots, which are somewhat similar to ugg boots.

Many companies, offering to rent a Santa Claus costume, also give a staff, which has become an integral symbol of his image. It can be of different shades, but often the "modernized version of the magic wand" is made in the following colors:

• white;

• silver;

• combined solutions.

Rarely, but still there are final upper decorative elements in the form of a crescent or a star. But in the images of the character of the beginning of the last century, you can find a non-standard version of the decor of the staff - a bull's head, which acted as a symbol of happiness, fertility and wealth. You can order a Santa Claus costume with a staff, which is decorated with a huge snowflake that shimmers under the light.

Where to put gifts?

Few would argue with the fact that children are waiting for the arrival of the wizard in order not only to believe in a fairy tale, but also to receive a cherished gift that they have dreamed of for a long time. The Ukrainian Santa Claus wears the sack himself and is traditionally made in the same color as the clothes themselves. Santa Claus in a blue suit will keep his gifts in the same bag, which is additionally decorated with white embroidery that imitates the original natural pattern, which creates snow, frost and frost.

But Santa Claus is also depicted with a sack, but most often it is ordinary red without additional decor. American style Santa Claus costume rental offers this accessory. It is worth emphasizing: traditionally there are many sacks on the sleigh of the latter, and each one contains gifts that help to deliver deer and elves.

Times change, epochs and rulers change, but the New Year remains in its place of honor in the calendars of Ukrainian families. You can buy a ready-made suit of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden from us, or order an individual design and further tailoring. Each model from the catalog has visible advantages:

• manual production;

• the best materials;

• love of masters.

This is a great way to try on the role of a real wizard and present bright memorable moments.

21 May, 2021

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