The magic of Santa Claus - magic or modern technology?

The magic of Santa Claus - magic or modern technology?

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Today we will open the veil of secrets of the frosty wizard. Let's find out with the help of what attributes he creates his magic, and is it really magic?

What gadgets does Santa Claus use?

The staff of Santa Claus is not just a fashion accessory, it serves as a tower for 5G signal reception. Therefore, your emails reach instantly and are never lost. Then they are processed by the manager - Snegurochka, in fact, we are all familiar with her. The Snow Maiden is Santa Claus's personal assistant, she processes mail, maintains social networks and orders food to the office. What delivery do you think Santa Claus uses?

Santa Claus's bag holds gifts for children around the world. It is more capacious than any flash drive and cloud storage, Elon Musk himself will envy the technologies. If you imagine that your phone has as much memory as the place in a wizard's bear, all the photos of your cat would fit in there ... but that's not for sure.

Grandfather follows trends and can be mistaken for a hipster, long beard and flamboyant outfit. But Santa Claus's beard is not just a style, although many fashionistas use his chips in their looks. The beard contains all the strength and power of Santa Claus, he never cuts it. As by the rings on a tree felling, by the length of the beard, one can determine the age and status of the frost wizard.

Grandfather moves at the speed of light, even a little faster. Using his hat with bubo for this. The hat serves as a portal for travel through space and time. We will not explain the physics of his travels, but British scientists have proven that he travels in this way.

Grandfather's belly is also not so big, but there is no magic here, he just loves to eat. Let's not think about healthy eating and the harm of Olivier with mayonnaise. If you leave a treat for Santa Claus by the tree, please, something without gluten and palm oil.

Secrets of the style of Santa Claus, a couple of simple tips and no magic

Where does he get his stylish suits and accessories, you ask. And we advise you to contact the Kostumi Store online store, because He buys from us. Buy a Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costume in just a couple of clicks, these are truly modern technologies.

Kostumi Store respect classics and respect traditions, but they will not spare rhinestones for a suit, and they also use only high-quality materials. Unique patterns and patterns for finishing suits are designed taking into account the latest fashion trends of the North Pole.

Even if our staffs don't catch 5G, you won't go to Bali with the help of a hat, and gift bags are only in two sizes, but you will be the most inimitable and fashionable Grandfather. Your Snow Maiden will conquer everyone, because our costumes are for the most beautiful fashionistas around the world.

Buy a carnival costume in a couple of minutes

On the site you can order a New Year's costume for an adult, costume accessories for every taste, choose convenient payment and delivery methods. Delivery in Ukraine and around the world, payment in cash and online. If you are in doubt with the choice of a suit, write to us in messengers or call us, we will help you choose the perfect image and create your own style.

We do not have a magic hat and beard, but we deliver your orders as quickly as Santa Claus presents for the Christmas tree. We love each of our clients, we are waiting for your smiles and reviews, as Santa Claus is waiting for letters with wishes. We run to work with enthusiasm and joy in order to send your package as soon as possible and make the world a little kinder, to return faith in magic and fairy tales.

Rather, order a suit and accessories, get ready for the New Year holidays in advance, do not forget about gifts. Please your loved ones, create for them a real fairy tale and magic with us.

Kostumi Store - magic to be!

30 April, 2021

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