Is the image of Santa Claus a propaganda of body positivity or a tribute to traditions?

Is the image of Santa Claus a propaganda of body positivity or a tribute to traditions?

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In the modern world, it is customary to take care of your body, it is common to hear about marathons of proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and rejection of bad habits. Can it be argued that Santa Claus is not at all the one to be equal to in an athletic physique? Is he a prime example of what happens if you finish eating all your food after the new year? We will get to the bottom of the truth!

Moderately well-fed Santa Claus in the very dawn of strength

A gray-bearded wizard who gives gifts for the New Year, he comes on New Year's Eve and secretly throws gifts under the tree. No one has ever seen or met him, then why should he monitor his weight, keep himself in shape and look good?

In a healthy body there is a healthy mind, or rather a healthy spirit of magic and magical power. You need to be in good shape to deliver gifts to all the children in the world overnight. Therefore, throughout the year, Santa Claus monitors his diet, visits the gym, goes to morning jogging and, of course, has no bad habits.

In fact, an old man with a beard and a big belly is just an image that has long been loved by all of us, this is the image of a cute old man giving gifts. But the modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules, you have to keep up or you will be knocked off your feet by the current. But with all this transience of human existence, no matter who you are: Santa Claus, Elon Musk or a food delivery man, it is important to love yourself, your body and take care of your health.

Even if you are far from the imposed standards of beauty and are very different from the rest, remember, your features make you unique and different from everyone. Santa Claus is not ashamed of his gray beard and tummy!

Live up to your beliefs, not someone else's standards

If the beard does not grow, Santa Claus buys it from us and another wig for Santa Claus, to complete the image. For grandfathers of athletic build we can offer a false belly. Kostumi Store will make sure that your kids and even your mother don't recognize you.

The Snow Maiden no longer needs to worry that she has not lost weight for the holidays, you can eat another bowl of Olivier! We have a wide dimensional grid, even for the widest bone. Snow Maiden costume of various silhouettes, straight cut and fitted with a belt.

Every costume in our store is designed to fit perfectly, even if the figure is a ball. By the way, about the ball, the Snowman costume is also available. A variety of models will allow you to choose something to your taste and wallet. For those who love minimalism and richer. Carnival costumes with patterns and stones for real fashionable wizards and their friends.

Santa Claus has already made his choice

He chooses Kostumi Store! You can buy a Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costume of various colors and styles from us. Also costumes of New Year's helpers and many accessories.

If you cannot decide what accessories you need, we will help you with the choice, write to us in the Messenger or call us. Assorted gift bags of different sizes, beards and wigs, staffs and more. Your look will be unique and unforgettable if you buy a suit from us. Payment and delivery is carried out in a convenient way for you, online. Payment in cash or through a payment system. Delivery across Ukraine and around the world. So that in every corner of the Earth, Santa Claus was unique and not like the others. Stand out from the crowd with Kostumi Store!

The choice is yours, and we have already created the perfect suit that will emphasize your individuality! It remains to please your loved ones with gifts and do not forget your beloved about yourself.

The main beauty secret is to be yourself. No one is perfect, many suffer from skin problems and extra pounds. But all this is completely imperceptible, if you are confident in yourself, have a great sense of humor and believe in miracles.

Kostumi Store - magic to be!

11 May, 2021

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