Wigs and beards: in a new look for the New Year

Wigs and beards: in a new look for the New Year

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The time of New Year and Christmas holidays is a great opportunity to try on the most unusual New Year's costume. With the help of an original outfit and bright accessories, you can transform into a magical hero in a few minutes. Everyone has their own dreams and favorite characters. However, one costume is not enough to complete the image.

A bright New Year's wig is needed to create the image of the Snow Maiden's granddaughter, and the Santa Claus costume must be complemented by a long beard. As a rule, Snegurochka's artificial braids are white or blue. For a male image, you can choose depending on who you choose - St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, elves or the main wizard of Santa Claus. Such accessories for carnival nights and matinees are always white, but differ in the shape and intensity of the curls.

Santa's beard and wig whiteWhat is the magic of carnival wigs?

The main feature of carnival costumes and wigs is brightness, originality and showiness. They are made in different lengths, shapes and even colors. Naturally, you need to choose taking into account the New Year's outfit and image. Such wigs are distinguished by a slight extravagance, as if magic comes from them. Putting on an unusual carnival wig, you can immediately become your favorite fairy-tale character.

Synthetic fibers are used to make these wigs. The material looks not only beautiful, but also attracts with an unusual glow and ebb effect. Among the variety of options, the most popular are wigs for the images of the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, angels and other characters.

Why are only synthetic strands used for New Year's wigs? The fact is that natural hair requires careful care, is more expensive, and there is no need to supplement costumes for the New Year with natural accessories. If you do not want to dress up in a complicated outfit, pay attention to fabulous wigs, they look original and are combined even with ordinary clothes.

A bit of history

In the sixties, nylon carnival wigs were massively produced. They were called "disposable", it's not hard to guess why. Such accessories lost their original appearance and shape too quickly. Of course, shampoos that are great for natural hair care won't do anything with nylon options.

Ten years later, the inventive Japanese came up with a practical kanekalon, which contains seaweed. At a cost, such material is about 3 times cheaper than natural hair. Compared to other synthetic fibers, it is as identical as possible in its structure to natural hair.

By the way, kanekalon is ideal for weaving dreadlocks and afro braids. Thanks to this material, carnival wigs and beards softly fall on the head and face. At the same time, they look as realistic as possible. Today kanekalon is used to create various accessories of various shapes.

New Year's wigs: choosing the right attributes for the holiday

It is clear that you will not use a carnival wig or fake beard every day. Still, a few simple tips will not be superfluous. So, what you need to know in order not to make a mistake when buying:

Choose a wig for a suit, the usual universal option will not work. If your character is Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, go for a snow-white wig with long curls. The Snegurochka adult costume can be complemented with a white or blue wig, with one or two pigtails. The Angel look calls for a curly short wig.

Convenience and comfort. If possible, try on the product. The base should lie down softly, without causing any discomfort. Commitment is of course important. During the holidays, you will have to dance, so a reliable double elastic band or a special fastening system will save you from worrying about the accessory falling off. If there is a concern that the wig may move, you can additionally secure it with bobby pins.

Wig color. Remember that a bright, colorful version cannot be worn under a Snowman or Santa costume. Leave the green, blue, pink palette for themed parties.

If you need a wig with curls, it is better to choose a finished product. Synthetic hair curling is different from natural hair technology. Only professionals can create a beautiful wig with perfectly curled strands. Therefore, you should not experiment with a curling iron on your own to make a perm, otherwise your wig will simply melt.

Perfect wig: harmonious combination with looksChristmas costume of Santa Claus Christmas carol

Often there are universal white curls, the main difference between them is length and splendor. These wigs can be matched to almost any outfit, be it a New Year's costume for adults or children. The main thing is to choose the right color. Artificial hairstyles are necessary not only for creating feminine, but also masculine images.

In order to make it easier for you to choose accessories for your outfit, we offer several tips, thanks to which you can easily implement many interesting transformations:

Snow white wig. It will complement the red hat and fur coat of Santa Claus, it goes well with a short Santa jacket and a Snow Maiden fur coat. Ideal for all winter characters including snowflakes and elves. These attributes come in different lengths and curls.

Blue and blue palette. Immediately, the image of Malvina or a fairy is presented.

Green hair. Forest fairies, elves helpers, as well as natural inhabitants can try on.

A wig with black curls. Looks great on witches, which is especially true for themed parties.

Multi-colored options. Ideal for doll looks, for a bright disco party with dancing. Cool costumes for the new year should definitely be supplemented with such wigs. Remember that an unforgettable photo session awaits you! With just a few shots, your outfits and emotions are digitalized forever.

There are as many fabulous popular heroes as there are wigs. An original wig is usually used for the finishing touch, and a man's look is always decorated with a chic beard. It is wigs and beards that play an important role so that those present at the holiday do not wonder who came to them today.

Stylish and realistic New Year's wigs: what are their benefits?

With the help of a wig, you can turn into the one who will rule the ball or lead round dances. The accessory will perfectly emphasize the main participation in the festive event, making you a full-fledged Santa Claus, Santa Claus or Snow Maiden.

Besides the fact that wigs can help change your appearance, they have a number of advantages:

soft structure, comfortable and comfortable to wear;

secure fixation on the head;

ready-made hairstyle, you do not need to braid braids or style curls;

the ability to instantly transform into any role;

look as natural as possible;

options of any length are available;

easy to care for, just wash, dry and comb.

The New Year's accessory will help to make your dream come true and give you a new look, prepare you for a festive outing - for a children's matinee, corporate party, in a family circle and even on the stage of the theater.

Snow Maiden Blonde WigChoosing a Synthetic Fiber Wig

If the selection of natural models is accompanied by some difficulties, then everything is much simpler here - you need to choose one of the following options:

Kanekalon products. A big plus of such products is the visual similarity with natural hair, but they are much lighter than the latter. The unique technology for the production of kanekalon threads allows you to keep curls and curls for a long time. The material looks solid, there is no cheap synthetic gloss. The only thing is that you cannot use irons and curling irons, the kanekalon will deteriorate under the influence of high temperatures.

Thermal fiber models. Are not subject to deformation from heating by high temperatures. These wigs are dried with a hot hair dryer (but not often), can be styled with electrical appliances, while the fiber structure remains the same. The products do not shine, they look natural and are suitable for any New Year's look.

Using modacryl. It cannot be heated and dyed in different colors, for the price they are more expensive than analogs from kanekalon. In appearance, wigs resemble natural hair.

When choosing an artificial hairstyle, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it harmoniously fits not only with your outfit, but also with the whole image and makeup. You can first choose a wig for a carnival costume, and then think about makeup and additional accessories.

Original images for New Year's reincarnations

Perhaps there are no people who do not like the New Year. We all try to do our best to ensure that this long-awaited holiday goes according to the scenario that was conceived. It is quite possible if the New Year's costumes of the main characters are decorated with special accessories. It is not worth talking about the importance of such attributes, everyone knows that, thanks to them, the image will be complete.

During the holidays, every detail plays a role, no wonder most of us get interesting wigs, long beards, fake bellies, glasses or angel wings for our outfit. And it is not necessary to come up with too complex costumes: the main thing is a little acting skill to get used to the role.

Those who are tired of the traditional New Year's costumes of snowflakes and hares can dress up as popular characters.

Celebrating the New Year is simply unthinkable without Santa Claus! You can dress up as a classic character or diversify the event a little in a Finnish way - Yolupukki. A grandfather from a northern country is harsh: it just won't work to get presents from him, you need to be obedient throughout the year. He does not have a granddaughter of the Snow Maiden, but he has a wife, Muori, who personifies the snowy winter. Gnomes and deer assistants also travel with him.

In order to look like a real wizard, choose red pants and a short coat of the same color. Finnish Santa Claus looks like Santa. Just don't forget about accessories - this is a white curly and long beard, as well as neat glasses with thin gold frames.

Recently, the so-called family bows have become popular, which imply New Year's costumes for the whole family in the same style. If you haven't decided yet who to dress up in, the Kostumi Store has a solution. We will help you choose stylish, identical costumes for celebrating an unforgettable New Year, for example, the costume of St. Nicholas and his angelic assistants. There are many similar ideas, such images will help not only to cheerfully celebrate the New Year, but also to capture the holiday in photos and videos for the family archive.

1 November, 2021

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