Christmas and New Year signs that bring success and prosperity

Christmas and New Year signs that bring success and prosperity

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Planning a menu and a list of drinks, tidying up the house and decorating the interior, ordering a suit for the New Year and thinking over the theme of a party with relatives or friends - this is not a complete list of things that need to be solved before the onset of the new year, regardless of whether it is ordinary or leap, but also without taking into account the one under whose "patronage" the next 365 days will pass.

We offer a number of signs, by completing which, you can try to attract success and luck throughout the coming year, as well as isolate yourself from difficulties and problems. Many of the beliefs are associated with money, career growth and love, so that everyone will find exactly what needs to be "improved" during this period.

The importance of cleanliness

It may not be necessary to follow the traditions of Italians and throw old utensils out of the windows, so as not to hit anyone and not look like a "black sheep" in the eyes of neighbors, but it is still recommended to put things in order. And December is a great time to tidy up the closet and finally sort out the dishes in the back drawer of the kitchen. And when cleaning under the bed or in the wardrobe, you can find the old suit for the New Year, and after evaluating its condition, understand that you need to buy a new one. In order to have peace of mind, a good atmosphere and grace in the house, it is imperative to wash such items:

  • all mirror surfaces;
  • windows (of course, if the weather permits);
  • chandeliers, especially if they are made of glass or crystal.

Costume of Santa Claus NorthDecorate interior and exterior

This will not only add a fabulous mood, like a visit of New Year's characters in costumes from the best manufacturer, but also help to put things in order in decor and decoration. Another aspect is that such an activity relieves stress, fatigue, and by connecting all members of your family, you can spend a memorable time, giving warm family memories. And so that luck in the coming year does not leave your home, you should bet on the following decor items:

  • golden bell - scares away evil spirits and lures the reindeer of Santa Claus;
  • coniferous branches give fresh air and are one of the important symbols of the holiday;
  • red bows - a symbol of luxury and wealth;
  • mistletoe leaves - synonymous with fidelity and pure love;
  • bright pounset flower - a symbol of home warmth and the spirit of Christmas.

Quite a few symbols are associated with plant elements that can be repeated in a suit for a New Year's corporate party: decorating an elf's hat with a sprig of mistletoe, red berries for decorating Santa's scarf. Together with a natural or artificial Christmas tree, you can place a wreath on the door, which will become the central element of protecting your home or apartment.

Leave all bad things in the past

Perhaps, such a philosophical belief is quite difficult to implement, because you need to sincerely forgive your offenders and just “hush up” unpleasant situations. And a visit in a New Year's adult costume to someone's home to congratulate the children, or to an office to give pleasant emotions to colleagues and the boss will help to measure it.

More warmth and light

At the end of November, daylight days become short, and you want as much warmth and comfort as possible. It is not for nothing that on the last Sunday of the last autumn month in Scandinavia they light the first candle of the Advent calendar, adding them one by one before Christmas in the amount of 7 or 23 pieces. In the first case, they are lit once a week and on important holidays during this period; in another, the first candle is lit on December 1, and the last on December 24 on Christmas Eve. If you decide to buy carnival costumes, then, if the image permits, they can be supplemented with a candle (not necessarily a classic one made of wax or paraffin) or a lantern - a symbol of light. Among the popular characters in this case, you can bet on the following:

  • Elf;
  • Father Frost;
  • Santa Claus;
  • Christmas gnome;
  • The spirit of the past, present and future Christmas.

Creative costumes for the New Year will allow you to fully reincarnate in such a role. Plus, it's important to try to add light to different rooms by using candlesticks, bedside lamps, and garlands.

Buy a new decor or Christmas tree toyBell of Santa Claus

According to legend, every year you need to "expand" your park of toys or decor for the space. A new toy is a new positive emotion and an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of an important idea. When choosing new clothes, think about their sacred meaning:

  • the key is the acquisition of real estate;
  • car - buying a new "four-wheeled" friend;
  • Eiffel or Leaning Tower of Pisa - travel;
  • baby - replenishment in the family;
  • puppy or kitten - to a new friend;
  • a symbol of the coming year - respect for one of the 12 signs of the Eastern horoscope.

It can be not only decorations for spruce or pine, but candlesticks, stands for plates on the table, figurines for decorating a fireplace portal or window sill.

Financial beliefs for the New Year period

Making wishes when the chimes strike, we ask for health, peace, family well-being and, of course, financial stability or an increase in financial opportunities. A number of tips on how to attract money in such a fabulous period are very simple, so it's worth a try - all of a sudden it will work out.

Pay off all debts and do not lend

It is important that with the change of the calendar year, all the money is concentrated with the owner. If you do not repay the debt, then you can continue to live on credit for the coming 365 days, and if someone borrows funds, you risk not saving up for something big.

Decorate the tree with a bill

Hang a beautiful bill on the branches of a large artificial spruce or a small tree in a tub. It can be both national and international currency. They say that 100 dollars or 1000 hryvnias that "met" the new year at this place will significantly increase further income. And if you decorate the lower area near the spruce with a bag, then you can also put a bill there, and at the end of the holiday season, take it back.

Coins can also be used. They are placed in 4 corners of the table under the tablecloth so that funds can be found, or drink the first glass of champagne in one gulp in the new year, putting a coin on the bottom beforehand. You don't need to eat it, but it is better to dry it and put it in your wallet as a talisman.

Do not save and do not be greedy

To implement this plan, it is worth calculating in advance the total budget for the celebrations, taking into account all purchases: from fancy dress for the New Year to menus and gifts for everyone with whom you plan to meet at home, on their territory or in a cafe, restaurant, in the squares where they organize city ​​festivities. They say that both the table should be generous and the drinks the best. And to attract monetary luck, we recommend placing a bet on these aspects of the festive table:

  • red - fish sandwiches with red caviar;
  • golden tint - decor of candlesticks, tablecloths and dishes.

Astrologers and esotericists advise to abandon dishes that contain the meat of the "hero" of the next year - chicken, pig, rabbit, horse. According to legend, the main character may be offended and will not bring anything good in the near future.

Christmas helper costumesNew wardrobe

They recommend meeting the coming year with everything new. It can be like a chic evening dress, a tuxedo, or cool suits for the new year. And in order to enjoy the thematic clothes as much as possible, you can use them in December and early January to organize visits by fairy-tale characters to their children, or come to visit at the request of friends with a performance for their kids.

Signs associated with the coming of the new year

Perhaps one of the most popular is the recommendation, according to which, with the first chimes, write on paper all your wishes, burn them, pour the ashes into a glass of champagne and have time to do all this before 00:00.

If you are sure that you will not have time to carry out such a complex procedure, you can quickly make 12 wishes - for every second of the chimes. In order not to forget anything, first write them on a piece of paper or in notes in your smartphone.

Eat 12 berries

In Cyprus, 12 olives are eaten with chimes, in Greece 12 grapes, in Cuba and Mexico - 12 beans or corn kernels. Each of them is responsible for a certain desire, so first "instill" in the products what idea they are responsible for and enjoy eating with a delicious glass of cold sparkling wine.

It is fundamentally important to meet the coming of the new year and not oversleep. But in the countries of Latin America it is often said that the longer a person does not sleep after the onset of the new year, the happier he will be this year. In that region, costumes for the New Year for adults in the form of forest characters (associated with the Amazon jungle) and representatives of the afterlife - spirits, skeletons, ghosts, are in special demand. In our perception of the world, everything should be calmer and more fabulous.

What to do on January 1st?

After a night of festivities (and not only near the TV and with Olivier salad), you need to sleep well, and then start the fun again, after all, the new year has come. It is important to think over the costume for the New Year, and the menu for the morning or lunch after the night from December 31 to January 1, and drinks. And if, according to good tradition, you go to the city square on this day, then the elf's hat and long pointed ears will attract your interest, and the image will be highly appreciated by passers-by and loved ones.

Please note: Neither December 31, nor January 1, according to popular belief, you can not take out the trash from the house. Do it on January 2, what if this method will help you save money and increase your savings?

Pamper the children

And you need to wish this not only during the New Year and Christmas holidays, but always, when there is an opportunity and need. For example, if you decide to order a New Year's costume, you can come to the child and give gifts. Having reincarnated as Saint Nicholas, make the child believe that there is such a magician, and motivate him to good behavior and to believe in fabulous miracles.

It is important to find out in advance from the sons and daughters what kind of gift they want for this celebration. But sweets, fruits (in the absence of allergies) will never be superfluous. Do not forget that the present should not be expensive at all, it should be made with a soul, meet desires as much as possible and please the child with an original presentation option.

What not to do on the eve of the holiday: 5 major mistakes

  1. Prepare for the celebration without creating a shopping plan and actions, because you can always forget something.
  2. Get angry with others and yourself.
  3. Take someone else's.
  4. Sharpen knives, which is believed to bring conflicts and discord in the family.
  5. Quarrel with other people, in particular over trifles.

Each country has its own beliefs for a good year and rules (albeit not official) how to celebrate the holiday so that all 365 days are happy. Take a closer look at the national folklore and find out more interesting things for yourself.

If you invite a group of friends to your place, think about what should be comfortable for everyone, discuss the dress code, evaluate how comfortable and interesting it will be for children and adolescents with adults. If the stake is made on a costume party, assign the roles in advance: who is the Elf, and who is the Snowman or Snegurochka. A written script and selected contests will dilute the atmosphere.

7 June, 2021

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