Mask mode during the New Year holidays. Quarantine or carnival?

Mask mode during the New Year holidays. Quarantine or carnival?

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All of us have long been accustomed to living in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Protective masks have become the main accessory regardless of gender, race, nationality and income level. Someone changes them every 4 hours, and someone sets records and wears the same one since March 2019.

Some people choose seclusion, the cancellation of fun and holidays in favor of the likelihood of not getting the crown. Others have learned to live fulfilling lives by adhering to the rules of hygiene and social distancing.

Quarantine is not a reason to refuse the New Year's holidays, you just need to adhere to the mask regime, wash your hands, use an antiseptic and buy a New Year's costume in the Kostumi Store.

It is not at all necessary to go to a noisy party and expose yourself and your loved ones to the risk of being attacked by a dangerous virus. It would be a great idea to have a holiday at home with your family. Buy a Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costume and please the kids. Another plus of the mask is that you will definitely not be recognized.

Put on the mask, please!

In the first place in the TOP of the phrases of store consultants, right after it - "Can you suggest something?". We all resigned ourselves, learned not to get irritated and humbly put on a mask and use an antiseptic. And we will teach you how to celebrate the New Year in a fun, beautiful and most importantly safe way.

Protective masks have entered our lives as imperceptibly as Santa Claus puts gifts under the Christmas tree, they are in the pocket of every jacket, for himself and for a friend, sometimes it is even the same mask.

Kostumi Store has taken care of turning your everyday accessory into something more.

A couple of years ago, a mask for a matinee is a cute face of a bunny with ears, now a means of protection that is more protective than aesthetic in nature.

Protective masks for which you are not ashamed.

The online store Kostumi Store not only took care of your New Year's costume and perfectly selected accessories, but also thought about safety. Protective New Year's masks are a fashionable accessory and your safety.

We made sure that the mask would match your outfit and complete a unique look. You don't want to wear it on your chin or under your nose. Our masks are worn correctly! This is the only way to see unique, magical patterns.

The Kostumi Store not only cares about your appearance on New Year's Eve, but also about your safety. You can buy New Year's costumes and accessories with delivery throughout Ukraine and the world in just a few clicks.

Neither a virus nor a bad mood will make its way to your holiday.

Kostumi Store - magic to be.

12 April, 2021

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