Recommendations on how to choose the right beard for the New Year's wizard

Recommendations on how to choose the right beard for the New Year's wizard

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Cool New Year's costumes, which are made by specialists from a trusted company, are a guarantee that you will fully reincarnate in the desired image at a corporate party or effectively and memorable perform in front of an audience of different, in particular, young ages. In addition to the fact that you need to choose and buy a Santa Claus outfit, you should not just not forget, but pay maximum attention to the accessories that create his complete bow. One of these is the wig and beard.

Emphasis on honorable ageFather Frost Costume Fierce

Flipping through the pages of the online catalog of the online store, you will see that a huge emphasis in filling the collections is placed on the beards of Santa Claus and Santa Claus. Of course, thanks to films and TV shows, images on postcards and figurines that fill the shelves of stores and their showcases closer to December, we are used to the fact that Santa Claus's costume is either a long fur coat, or a shortened red caftan with pants, but in the first, and in the second case, you can’t do without a long white beard. It is she who says that the most important New Year and Christmas wizard is wise, experienced - “gray-haired”, which means that he has seen a lot and knows a lot and can tell. It is also interesting that there is no mention in any legend that an old man tears off a small hair from his beard to fulfill a wish, as, for example, Old Man Hottabych. He fulfills all wishes and requests with a blow of a staff or a magic bell.

How to choose a good beard and wig

It is convenient when you can immediately find a couple of important accessories that are made in an identical collection. In order to end up with not just a beautiful, but eye-catching image, you should initially determine a suitable model for yourself, taking into account the following characteristics:

  • length: for Santa Claus, the length in the middle of the body is more usual, when Santa Claus can be with a beard and even knee-deep;
  • shape: rectangular or slightly reduced “to a triangle” downwards.

An important role is played by a wig, which you can buy from us inexpensively. It is, as a rule, made on the central parting, and part of the hair can be lowered to the forehead, adding the required venerable age to the character. When choosing a wig for the New Year, pay attention to its length.

Scandinavian Santa Claus costumeAn abundance of colors

Gone are the days when Santa Claus on stage at the culture club and the one who came personally to congratulate the child looked exactly the same. Today, due to the offers in the catalog, you will not only find a cheap beard with a wig of the usual snow-white color, but you will also be able to stop your attention on other shades:

  • gray, which visually adds even more years to the character;
  • golden, which looks fashionable, stylish and quite impressive due to its non-typicality;
  • snow - close to white, but with a deeper shade.

Far from the last role in the Santa Claus costume is played by the material from which the beard and wig are made. So, due to the fact that we use the best synthetic safe threads, the quality of the accessory remains at its best for a long time, even taking into account the fact that it is constantly worn. Plus, the material does not cause allergic reactions, and this is important for the comfort of the artist. A fairy-tale character will look different and stand out from his colleagues in the case of wearing a beard or wig with different styling options for the strands. There are small and large boucle’s, straight strands or twisted into small boucle’s to choose from.

Maintaining a beautiful and clean condition of the wig is not difficult: the main thing after each performance is to gently comb it with a wide comb, and if necessary, even rinse it in the shower, letting it dry on a mannequin to keep its shape.

16 February, 2022


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