Santa Claus: A Christmas Wizard's New Years Story

Santa Claus: A Christmas Wizard's New Years Story

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A good-natured and stately old man in a red and white dress, with a thick gray beard, a sack over his shoulders, in a red cap with a pompom ... Did you find out? Of course, Santa Claus is familiar not only to American kids, people from northern countries and even fiery Hawaii love him. Toddlers and teenagers believe in this real character, even adults often resort to his help. After all, it's nice when, waking up in the morning, gifts are waiting for you under a beautiful green Christmas tree.

However, despite the fact that the classic costume of Santa Claus is outwardly different from the attire of Santa, they have a lot in common. Most importantly, both characters retain faith in magic in both children and adults.

Santa Claus Christmas costumeHow Santa Claus appeared: an image that came from a fairy tale into reality

The story began with the image of Saint Nicolas (Saint Nicolas - consonant with the name Santa Claus). It is hard to believe that the bishop was the type of Santa. In ancient times, he did not live in Lapland, as now, and his place of residence was the Lycian Worlds.

A respectable man, having small savings, shared with the needy, left wallets full of gold coins at the doorstep of the poor. It is no coincidence that today in most Western European countries the tradition of giving New Year's gifts has been preserved, discreetly hiding in socks, boots or fabulous shoes.

The first mention and appearance of the prototype of the present Santa goes back to the 18th century. The popular American poet Moore at the time created a poem known as The Coming of St. Nicholas. Before the audience, the character appeared as a good-natured elf with a large round belly, indicating his taste preferences. He had a smoking pipe in his hands. According to the plot of the poem, Saint Nicholas reincarnated, forest deer became his assistants, and a huge bag with gifts appeared in his hands.

The image of Santa turned out to be what we see today. This is a kind, cheerful and moderately well-fed old man who presents delicacies to children on Christmas night. His clothes are a red jacket up to his knees, he is adorned with a long white beard, he is easily recognizable by his red cap with white fur trim.

Interesting fact! The Coca Cola Company used the Santa image as early as 1931 for their advertising. He was portrayed as a good-natured white-bearded old man in a short red sheepskin coat; he held in his hands a bottle of a sweet carbonated drink, which is so loved by many.

Throughout the year, Santa Claus prepares for the holidays in order to have time to go around every house, give a little happiness and pamper the kids. Living in Lapland, he receives letters from all over the world throughout the year. He can see who behaved obediently and who was mischievous. It is interesting that initially this character was found in the images in the form of an elf, but over time his appearance acquired human features.

Two familiar characters: Santa Claus and Santa Claus - what are the differences?

First of all, these winter wizards are distinguished by their outfits. Santa Claus's New Year's costume looks luxurious, rich and solid. A fur coat or sheepskin coat must be up to the toes, girded with a wide belt, wears a hat decorated with beautiful fur. Santa wears a short caftan, and his headdress is a funny hat with a white pompom, slightly reminiscent of the cap of a jester or elf.

What are the other differences between these two colorful characters:

  • Mittens. Santa Claus always puts on warm painted mittens, and Santa has black or white gloves.
  • Felt boots. A real wizard wears felt boots on his feet, and Santa Claus often appears in boots.
  • Attributes. A necessary and indispensable accessory for our winter wizard is a staff that can work wonders. Grandfather Frost closely monitors the order on the ground: if necessary, he freezes rivers and lakes, he can "lead" a blizzard, pinch his noses a little and redden his cheeks. The most important thing is to fulfill desires from young to old. And what about Santa? It has no magic attribute. Therefore, how his magic happens is anyone's guess.

Unlike Santa Claus, who is accompanied by the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden, Santa is lonely. Although no one knows for sure, it can be assumed that Mrs. Klaus does exist. Among his faithful friends are forest deer, an army of elves and various fabulous creatures.

The old man is very fond of milk with cookies, children have heard about this weakness of his, so they always leave treats under the tree. With the onset of holidays, he sits in a magic sleigh, which quickly rushes across the starry sky to different parts of the world, in a hurry to dilute treats and presents. Santa walks down the chimney, puts surprises in his socks hung by the fireplace. After eating sweets, he goes home and again instructs the elves to collect gifts for other kids.

A magical opportunity for reincarnation is provided by bright carnivals and themed parties, which are especially needed on the eve of the holidays. Choose unusual or traditional costumes for the new year in advance and give yourself and your family a sea of ​​emotions!

The rest of the additional attributes: original Christmas wreaths, colorful and ringing bells, the motive of the well-known song "Jingle Bells" sounding from all radio receivers - these are elements related only to the Christmas theme and Santa Claus.

Santa's beard and looks

Short and neat, this is the beard we see on Santa. She resembles the image of a modern old man or an elderly professor. However, she is curly. This is not typical for the classic Santa Claus. He wears a thick, exuberant beard, such as was worn in the olden days. In the culture of the Slavs, the beard symbolizes wisdom, so we are all used to treating the fairy-tale character with respect.

The children usually call the transatlantic magician shortly and simply “Santa”, and the name “Santa Claus” sounds solid and dignified. Some even address him respectfully: "Grandfather Frost."

Outwardly, Santa Claus looks short, he is a middle-aged man with a solid build. If you imagine him in the company with the Snow Maiden, it is unlikely that Santa will reach her shoulders. That would be a funny couple! Want to try on this role? Then you will need an adult Snow Maiden costume, which will allow you to have a fun and bright holiday.

If we compare Santa Claus and Santa, the first is somewhat similar to an epic hero or a giant. This is not surprising, because he moves not only on sleds, but also loves to walk through the forest or ride snow trails on skis with his winter assistants. It's difficult to talk about age, but visually, Santa Claus looks older than any Santa by more than a dozen years.

Also, for Western Santa Claus, glasses in a thin round shape are typical. Surely, he puts them on in order to better see and read the millions of letters that are displayed in children's scribbles. But each of us once, hiding from prying eyes, with trembling hands wrote a letter to Santa Claus or Santa, dreamed and drew our desires on paper.

Think of a look that will congratulate the children. It doesn't matter which fairytale hero comes to the holiday - the main thing is that carnival costumes will add a little realism and help everyone believe in a fairy tale.

What does Santa travel onScandinavian Santa Claus costume

The abode of the American wizard is northern Lapland, which is famous for its reindeer. This is the traditional transport of Santa Claus. There are 9 assistants in total:

  1. Kupid - can be called "Cupid".
  2. Blixem - bears the proud name "Lightning Fast".
  3. Komet is nothing other than "Komet".
  4. Dunder is a comic "Boob".
  5. Dancer - it is clear from the name "Dancer".
  6. Vixen is the most serious and evil.
  7. Desher is beautiful and “Awesome”.
  8. Prancer - became famous as "Prancing".
  9. Rudolph is in charge of the team.

One of the reindeer retinue became famous most of all, becoming a favorite character in cartoons and children's songs - this is Rudolph, a fawn with a big red nose. His reddishness haunts many that even Norwegian scientists decided to determine the cause of his red nose. True or not, it turns out he has a respiratory illness.

Gifts from the long-awaited Santa

How does Santa Claus get into homes? It's simple, moving across the sky, he secretly lands on the roofs, and while everyone is asleep, he makes his way through the chimney. After enjoying the cookies and milk left for him by the kids, he quietly puts presents in socks or boots by the fireplace. He leaves "in English", as befits a local magician.

In the morning, kids and adults wake up, find gifts and are insanely happy. Such a "visit" is very convenient - grandfather does not need to read poetry. But the usual Santa Claus will knock on the door with a bang, creating a special atmosphere of the arrival of the holiday. He will also require the child to sing a song or read a poem, he will definitely ask about obedient behavior throughout the year. Only after all this does he solemnly present the coveted gift.

In films about Christmas, we often see Santa in shopping malls sit on his knees toddlers and listen carefully to their wishes. One of the first such wizards was a Massachusetts entrepreneur back in 1890. It was he who came up with the idea of ​​dressing up in a Santa Claus costume using a marketing ploy.

Yes, exactly this strategy worked 100%, children from all over the state rushed to his dried food store. Since that time, Santa can be observed in supermarkets throughout America. The image of such a hero perfectly increases sales, since parents who buy gifts for their sons and daughters for Christmas want to be given by Santa himself. Want to get into the plot? For this you will need costumes for New Year’s.

A funny story about Santa's movement around the world

Officers from one of the US military bases track the movement of Santa Claus's flight route every year. This is indeed the case. One day, in 1955, an American shopping center located in Colorado Springs published an announcement in the media that anyone could call Santa.

Only one erroneous digit in the phone number led to incoming calls to that very base. Of course, the officers decided to play along with the kids, so as not to spoil the most important holiday, so they began to tell them the coordinates of the area where Santa Claus flies at the moment when the phone rings.

Since then, it has become a good Christmas tradition for the military and little fidgets. By the way, they even came up with the name - "NORAD Tracks Santa". The kids are just crazy about this idea. Everyone can today track Santa's path around the world using the official website of the military center, the portal displays coordinates in real time.

In conclusion, we can say that it does not matter who comes to you and knocks on your door on a snowy winter night: the true master of the New Year's holidays, Santa Claus, the funny and long-awaited Santa or the northern Yolupukki. The main thing is to always believe in a miracle, kindness and a fairy tale, then as if a real magician will bring a little joy along with gifts. What is his name? Ask him yourself when you will meet him on the most mysterious night of the year.

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9 September, 2021

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