Santa Claus is a time management guru. How to do everything?

Santa Claus is a time management guru. How to do everything?

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Many are interested in the question of how to plan your time most productively, how to do everything? We are surprised how Santa Claus does it? To fly around the entire planet in one night and to please every child with a gift is quite a challenge, right? Supersonic speed is beyond our power, but here are some simpler tips from Santa, please get.

Santa Claus recommends!

First advice: divide and conquer!

No superhero can save the world alone - this is the main rule of all heroes, Santa is no exception. His faithful friends and assistants always come to his aid: wife Mrs. Klaus, reindeer and fairy elves.

Mrs. Claus will always make sure that her husband is well fed and neatly dressed, that the beard is neatly styled, the Santa Claus costume is in line with the trends and the hat is not sideways. In general, so that in public it was not ashamed to appear. Working elves will prepare and pack gifts so that the old man does not forget anything and congratulates each child. Comrades, the deer will take you quickly and to the address, you won't even have time to blink an eye.

What remains for Santa Claus? To be everyone's favorite symbol of Christmas, fairy tales and miracles. And of course, skillfully lead your assistants.

Advice number two: business time, fun hour!

Of course, Santa does not do all his business at the last moment, he is preparing for the main holiday of his life throughout the year. Did you know Santa has a magic laptop? On it, he receives letters by e-mail and watches a video with congratulations and wishes from the children. All letters that come by regular mail, he also reads carefully, so as not to miss anything. Santa is also busy sorting letters, then he brings the desired gifts to the base so that the elves can start making and packing. All work processes are as automated as possible, this is another little secret that helps you quickly prepare for the holiday.

Advice three: choose a job you like, and you won't have to work a single day in your life!

Of course, the main secret of the magic of Santa Claus, he loves his job very much, so he does it perfectly and with great pleasure. He lives by his work and is looking forward to your letter of congratulations and wishes.

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We also offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of preparation for the New Year and Christmas, become a part of a little miracle and please your loved ones.

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19 April, 2021

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