Snow Maiden costumes: how the granddaughter of the main fairy-tale character of the New Year period appeared

Snow Maiden costumes: how the granddaughter of the main fairy-tale character of the New Year period appeared

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A New Year's costume for adults has long ceased to be associated exclusively with the main character of the holiday - Santa Claus in ours or Santa Claus in the Western tradition. Each of these heroes is familiar to different generations from childhood: Santa Claus with a staff and a bag of gifts and his granddaughter Snegurochka, a real sorceress who often got into trouble, and children at a matinee in the garden or school had to do everything to free her. The online store of New Year's costumes offers to give your children a real fairy tale or to do everything so that the actors fully reincarnate in these "winter" roles.

How did the Snow Maiden costume come about?

The story of this female character looks much more modest against the background of a rather old Santa Claus. It is our main character who is unique against the background of others - nowhere will you find a companion next to him, and even such a young age. In 1873, a play by Alexander Ostrovsky appeared, which introduced the world to the elder's relative. The author's work presented the girl as the daughter of Santa Claus, but then folklore, historical trends, changed her main role. Other writers and poets began to take a closer look at the image and also include it in their works. But the stage costumes of the Snow Maiden appeared much later.

Three years have passed since the publication of the play, and the famous artist Vasnetsov began to work on costumes for N. Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "The Snow Maiden" in one of the private operas. It is interesting that in the play itself there is no description of clothing at all, and it was difficult to imagine exactly the chic costume of the Snow Maiden. In order to dress the heroine, Vasnetsov turned to folklore and looked for data there. What did he find?

1.      Be sure to have a long sundress.

2.    The girl was additionally dressed in a shirt.

3.    Abundance of shades: in each region they had their own - from ideal white to deep blue, less often red and even made in a combined solution.

A must-have delicate decor

Even then, a characteristic feature could be traced - a huge emphasis on embroidery and additional decor. The patterns symbolized the "cold" nature of the heroine - she emerged from wind, frost, snow and ice. In the beginning, silk and linen threads were used for decoration, and then cotton and synthetic threads expanded their list. A characteristic handwriting was embroidery along the entire hem of a sundress, and later a caftan, as well as sleeves and a collar. It was believed that it was precisely with this decorating technique that one could emphasize belonging to the cold, and embroidery was also used as a talisman against evil forces. Almost half a century later, other elements began to be used to decorate the Snow Maiden's dress:

  •         application;
  •         tapes;
  •         lace;
  •         sparkles;
  •         fur;

  •         fabric stripes.

Familiar image

A nice, meek girl always accompanies her older relative. Even the Snegurochka adult costume looks neat and sometimes airy. Typical models of the best manufacturer are short coats, which once again emphasize such a young age. But the abundance of flowers - for every taste. Here you can find solid blue, turquoise, silver, and white with additional trimming with white fluff or fur. It is interesting that the character does not age - her age, literally like in a wonderful fairy tale, has stopped - she is always young, cheerful, cheerful.

But how this beautiful girl appeared is still not known. There is a legend that Santa Claus found her in the forest and sheltered her, not froze her. According to another folklore version, the girl was created by nature. Regardless of which option you are more inclined to, clothes will not be superfluous for a full-fledged child and adult celebration, because not just another, but one of the key heroes of the celebration will appear on the stage.

Main attributes of the image

As a rule, a winter beauty with a long braid, which once again emphasizes her youth. The braid is often pulled over the shoulder. The head is adorned with a small neat hat, to match the entire costume. Its geographic neighbors may have a crown or an 8-pointed star on its head.

But how to hide from the cold, even if your name says that you are "snowy", "cold"? Of course, you need to warm your hands. If you want to buy a Snow Maiden costume, then take a closer look at these varieties:

  •         with a double-sided edge-sleeve;
  •         with mittens.

The girl is dressed in neat boots, and in order to visually imitate them, high knee-socks with a "frosty" pattern and bubons are offered for rent or for sale in a Snow Maiden costume.

What is the Snow Maiden doing?

In addition to the fact that this young girl accompanies her grandfather at all social events, she examines the sleigh and, if she finds a breakdown, then instructs her assistants to fix it. They also say that the list of her duties includes the unrolling of horses (or maybe reindeer after all). One of the important tasks of this fairy-tale character is to help read letters from children and find exactly the gifts they ordered. Letters come in huge numbers, and no one should be deprived of attention. They also say that the granddaughter helps Santa Claus to monitor the behavior of the kids, and if it was bad, then you shouldn't wait for a gift.

The adult costume of the Snow Maiden is always light and does not hinder movement. If it is difficult for Santa Claus at an age to move a lot, play and dance with children, then his granddaughter will take on this task. On holidays, she leads a round dance and always listens to a prepared verse from everyone.

Despite the fact that in the play by A. Ostrovsky the Snow Maiden melted under the influence of the sun's rays, in the world of fairy tales and holidays she is immortal. Conveniently, you can immediately order a suit of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, assessing in advance how they look and harmonize with each other. For example, if an old man is dressed in a blue suit with neat embroidery along the hem and sleeve, then it is quite logical that you need to choose something similar. If Grandfather's clothes are red, it will be perfectly set off by the girl's light white outfit.

Snow Maiden at the holiday

If initially she was the heroine of the opera, and then her image got on the paintings and decorative panels of rich people of that time, then at the end of the 19th century she became a full-fledged character of mass festivities that were held in city centers. Carnival costume "Snow Maiden", in addition to beauty and grace, must necessarily give warmth to its owner, so that the actress performing the role does not freeze. Until the end of the 30s, the character disappears from the festivities, on an equal footing, just like they themselves against the background of repressions. Since the mid-50s, the image has again become popular and is increasingly being included in the entertainment program and scenarios for open-air festivals and in cultural centers.

Suit selection rules

If you are faced with the task of buying an adult Snow Maiden costume, then first you need to take measurements and choose an option from a wide model range of a manufacturer that sews clothes by hand using the best fabrics and decorative elements. Specify the following aspects in advance:

·       the main material is jacquard with overflow or velor, imitating the fur of a fur coat;

  •        presence of lining;
  •        collar type: stand-up or turn-down;
  •        silhouette - A or X-type;
  •        type of decor.

Our prices and abundance of choice will delight both a beginner and a wholesale client, and the character will really come to life, giving the holiday a fabulous and interesting atmosphere.

30 May, 2021

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