Creative or classic costume of the Snow Maiden: how to create an outfit for a gentle fairytale heroine

Creative or classic costume of the Snow Maiden: how to create an outfit for a gentle fairytale heroine

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When, if not on New Year's Eve, change your usual clothes for carnival costumes. Men usually choose the image of Santa Claus, and lovely young ladies want to be the Snow Maiden. Still, in a spectacular outfit, all the attention of others will be riveted on a charming and cheerful sorceress. A modern or traditional Snow Maiden costume can be purchased at the Kostumi Store online store or rented. However, there is another option - to sew it yourself. This will require a little patience, a minimum of materials and a maximum of good mood.

Creating a Snow Maiden costume: preparation, cutting and sewing

Creating a Snow Maiden costumeWe associate the image of the winter beauty of the granddaughter of Santa Claus with a young girl in a long fur coat embroidered with silver, a fur hat or a luxurious kokoshnik, from under which a light braid peeps out. On the graceful legs of the Snow Maiden, white boots or warm felt boots flaunt. The sorceress hides her fragile palms in mittens and a fur muff. The classic color of the outfit is light blue and white.
The modern image of the Snow Maiden can be presented in a red dress up to the knees. This outfit is relevant for adult New Year's corporate parties. To start sewing a suit yourself, you first need to decide on the style, length, color of the dress or coat.
Satin, velvet, fleece or patterned brocade are suitable fabrics. For decoration, you can use faux fur, lace braid, rhinestones, shiny snowflakes, sequins. All this is chosen at will.
To make it easier to sew the Snow Maiden costume, use the usual scheme.

What you need to work and create an outfit of a standard 44 size, height up to 170 cm:

  • approximately three meters of fabric;
  • snow-white artificial fur - 50-60 cm;
  • threads to match the color of the outfit, needles, pins, tailors' scissors;
  • secret type zipper - 50 cm;
  • decorative elements, applique, Velcro.
Cutting is recommended on a flat surface, after making measurements and comparing them with the sketch. If necessary, correct the parameters in the required direction. Then you can start transferring the pattern to the wrong side. When cutting out parts, be sure to leave a seam allowance of 1.0-1.5 cm.
The sleeve can be made with a straight cut or with a flashlight. The latter option provides for easy assembly and an increase in the cuff to make the sleeve look more festive. Next, you need to connect the parts, sew the side and shoulder seams. Be sure to leave room for the hidden zipper.
For a fur coat, you need to make a stand-up collar. From the material that is used for the base and fur, we cut out 2 parts 6-8 cm wide. The length should be equal to half the circumference of the neck. If the canvas is too soft, you can place a thick cardboard blank between the layers. The collar is turned inside out, then sewn to the neckline. You also need to make a small incision in the center of the collar 0.5 cm long. The fastener can be made with Velcro.

Assembling the Snow Maiden's outfit

To make the finished product presentable and beautiful, you first need to outline the elements by hand. It is advisable to try on a future costume at this stage. If necessary, you can immediately enlarge the armhole of the sleeve or make the neckline of the collar slightly larger.
After making sure that the product fits perfectly on the figure, you can sew a fur coat on a sewing machine. In the process of sewing, do not forget to overlock the reliefs, they are directed to the center of the outfit. Overcast the side and middle and side seams with a sweep, having previously unrolled the allowances in opposite directions. All that remains is to smooth out the reliefs using an iron.

Decorating a New Year's costume

Fur decor looks beautiful from the front, sewn along the shelf. It is enough just to sew on strips of fluffy snow-white fur on the sides. An important point is that the fur should be directed from top to bottom. After sewing such parts to the product, fluff them with a comb or brush.
Sleeve cuffs are designed in a similar way. To sew on faux fur, first join the front and back sides, then simply turn outwards and sew along the edge of the fur. The zipper is sewn into the blind seam and goes over the collar up to the connecting seam to make the coat look beautiful.
The finishing touch and a bright festive accent will be decorating the outfit with shiny snowflakes, shining pearls, sequins, beads or themed applique.

The original drape as an addition to the image

Assembling the Snow Maiden's outfit
  • You can "refine" the Snow Maiden's costume with a velvet cape or cut it out of brocade. How long should it be? Choose the optimal parameters based on the growth of the winter beauty. A short cape will fit into the outfit of a miniature sorceress, a long one - it can even replace a fur coat. You will need a fabric that is two lengths of the cape with seam allowances.
  • You can use a ready-made pattern, the scheme is simple, even a novice tailor will cope with sewing. Transfer the template to the material folded in half. It is better to draw with strokes, so the arc will turn out perfectly even. Mark the neckline in the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of about 15 cm. We do not recommend making it narrow, otherwise the product will not fit nicely on the shoulders.
  • To add originality to the finished cape, you can slightly pick up the material in the neck area into the drawstring, pulling it off with an openwork ribbon. The cut out workpiece must be tucked up and sewn. You can decorate with white faux fur.

Creating a special headdress for the Snow Maiden

Creating a special headdress for the Snow MaidenAs a complement to the outfit, be sure to think over the model of the future headdress. It can be a beautiful hat or an extravagant kokoshnik. If you decide to sew a hat, then it is preferable to make it from the same fabric as the fur coat. The set should look harmonious, the decor and patterns on the dress and headdress should not be radically different. You can complement a plain dress with an accessory decorated with a snow ornament, or vice versa.
We offer to sew a Snow Maiden hat, which provides a model of 6 wedges. It is not difficult to calculate each one, it is enough to measure the head circumference, add 3 to the resulting value and divide the result by 6.
The height of the cap is determined by the distance from the ear zone to the crown of the head. After measurements, you can transfer the pattern to a piece of fabric, cut it out, remembering to leave 1.0-1.5 cm for allowances. Then you need to sew the wedges using a sewing machine. You can decorate the hat in different ways, it all depends on your imagination. Be sure to decorate the lower part with fur or themed applique, the crown can be decorated with a fluffy pompom.

Luxurious kokoshnik for a fabulous beauty

You can create a real work of art with your own hands. An unusual headdress in the form of a luxurious and exclusive kokoshnik can be used as an addition to any carnival costume. In the image of the Snow Maiden, such an element will emphasize the original ensemble and transfer the main character into a fairy tale.

For work you will need:

  • a piece of fabric, preferably to match the main outfit;
  • cardboard base;
  • wide elastic band for fastening;
  • adhesive, scissors, threads;
  • lace ribbon, rhinestones, sequins (any decor).
It is easy to depict the future crown on paper by drawing a contour at your discretion. You can make it arched, slightly rounded, or in the form of a regular triangle. After determining the shape, measure the dimensions of the kokoshnik. The product should not be huge, otherwise there is a chance of losing it. Ideally, if the headpiece matches the outline of the head. The form with the desired values ​​must be transferred to cardboard.
After transferring the pattern to a cardboard base, cut it out. The next step will be a pattern in a similar pattern, but on the fabric. It is necessary to cut out two elements: one strictly along the contour, the second increase along the edges by about one and a half centimeters. Then, using glue, fix the material to the cardboard, the larger element should be located on top of the smaller one. Glue openwork braid, artificial fur or New Year's rain along the contour, and also use a previously prepared decor in the central part. At the final stage, it is necessary to sew on beautiful ribbons or a wide elastic band so that the kokoshnik is comfortable to wear.
If you want to make a splash at the holiday, adhere to the general design concept so that the product matches the New Year's costume. Use identical ornaments, patterns and a single color palette in the kokoshnik.

Several recommendations for creating the perfect Snegurochka headdress:

Tulle, guipure pieces, satin, brocade, tulle are well suited as fabrics. You can use bindweed braid, delicate lace, sequin ribbons. Dublerin and interlining are also ideal for use.
In the case of a glued version of the kokoshnik, it is advisable to use a wider hoop for secure fixation on the head. Do not forget to back off two cm in the lower rim of the product.
To decorate the headdress beautifully and to securely fix it, you can cut out a template from organza without making a slit for the head. The element is attached along the edge from the front side. Using an elastic band, gather the piece at the bottom.
You can make an original accessory with your own hands of any variation and decor. The result depends only on the flight of imagination, and the desire to create a New Year's miracle. You can make a two-sided or one-sided model, emphasizing the originality of the image for a festive event or carnival.

The final element of the Snow Maiden's image is warm mittens

Snow Maiden's warm mittensSewing the mittens yourself is quite simple. Even the materials at home will do. For example, an outdated knit sweater, gloves stuck in a closet, or an old felt hat.
Before sewing, you need to make ordinary blanks. To do this, circle your palm along the contour on a piece of paper. The sketch should then be transferred to a piece of fabric, making 4 copies. All that remains is to sew together two parts. You also need to provide for a secure fixation on the arm using a regular elastic band.
The finished product can be decorated with mother-of-pearl beads, beads, shimmering snowflakes, New Year's applique and shimmering patterns. If the suit is made of blue fabric with a decor of snow-white fur, then it is better to make mittens from white fabric, decorating them with elements of a blue shade and vice versa. The main thing is not to overdo it with drawings and decor, everything should be in moderation.
Self-tailoring of a Snow Maiden costume is original, unique and always amazingly impressive. The outfit of the granddaughter of Santa Claus can also be created from ready-made old clothes, decorating with thematic decor. A blue or blue velor dressing gown will do. Sew the collar and floors nicely with fur, you can add stripes along the shelves. Complete the look with a crown or hat. So you get a traditional Snow Maiden costume from scrap materials that does not require investments.
To celebrate the most fabulous New Year, the Snow Maiden costume will definitely come in handy. To save yourself from unnecessary trouble, it is enough to buy a Snow Maiden costume in Kostumi Store in advance to feel confident in one hundred percent preparation for the upcoming holiday and creating a joyful atmosphere. For a young sorceress, you can choose an elongated soft fur coat with a belt or a short version of velor.

17 July, 2021

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