Top traditional New Year and Christmas holidays of the world

Top traditional New Year and Christmas holidays of the world

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What holiday without a holiday table? It is already starting to smell like tangerines, so we decided to give you a selection of interesting dishes so that you can surprise your family and friends with something original and delicious.

The holiday table

In no country do New Year and Christmas pass without a feast. Santa Claus and Santa had to visit many parts of the world, and we once managed to ask them during the fitting of costumes what they are preparing for the holidays and what they recommend to try. Now we share with you! ⠀


Christmas will not come without stuffed turkey! Bread, garlic, prunes, cheese - all suitable for fillings. And another traditional dish is "Lame Gin" - pork ham with red beans. And before the battle of the chimes, you should eat peas or beans, of course, if you want to get rich!


Here everything depends on the region: in the south they like stuffed turkey, but in the north they prefer roasted goose. The head of the family cuts the game and lays it on plates. Of course, where without sweet! English traditional pudding with raisins, almonds and honey is a special kind of pleasure. Try it, you won't regret it! ⠀


Here, every dish must symbolize something: noodles - a long life, duck - loyalty, fish - prosperity, and rice cakes - a wonderful coming year! ⠀


Here you can find an unusual dish on the New Year's table marinated fresh fish of fatty varieties, as well as casserole with liver and raisins. All this requests Finns offer mulled wine, so be careful - a stormy mixture! ⠀


If you do not know what to try - make buckwheat noodles with broth! We have such a dish is hardly considered a holiday, and in Japan without it nowhere! And there you will be offered rice vodka or green tea


One of the main dishes is Jampone - stuffed with pork leg. Baked seafood is also popular. But even on New Year's Eve, no Italian can do without the national pasta! ⠀


If you are suddenly drawn to the exotic - visit this country and be sure to try "Chivo a la Diablo" - a young goat in spicy spices with red wine. And of course where without a cocktail party! ⠀

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30 November, 2020

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