Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns


  • You can return or exchange an item that does not suit you within 14 days of receiving your order.

Return/exchange conditions:

  • You can return or exchange the product if it does not fit in appearance, defects were found, or the size did not work. It is provided that the product was not in use, and its properties, labels, packaging, factory labels, and presentation are preserved. We recommend that you order a free return merchandise service for seven days. Attention, return is possible from the city where the order was originally sent.

Return/exchange procedure:

  • You can return / exchange goods to the store or send them by parcel using the courier service "Nova Poshta" or "Ukrposhta" in original packaging to the recipient's address: Kyiv, Ivan Vyhovsky Street, 3, office 401, index 04136, the branch of NP # 138. You can find out the details of the recipient from the manager-consultant by phone. We undertake the costs of sending defective goods upon return. To do this, by sending a parcel, select the payment by the recipient. When shipping the item, please do not choose the cash-on-delivery method. Packages sent with cash on delivery will be returned to the sender.

Refund procedure:

  • Refunds are made after we receive the goods that do not suit you.
  • You can receive money in the following ways: in cash, to your bank card, or your current bank account.


According to the current law of Ukraine, "On protection of the rights and interests of the consumer" (according to article No. 7, section No. 2), the seller is fully responsible for the free repair and replacement of goods with a similar one, if the buyer received the goods of inadequate quality. The law operates when the purchased product does not meet the stated requirements.

  • The seller undertakes to accept the goods from the buyer and replace them with a similar one. You are given 14 days to check the quality of products. Delivery of goods from the buyer is carried out at the seller's expense if the manufacturer's fault is proven.
  • In the case of using our free return service, the money for the item will be refunded, excluding the shipping costs.
  • When a similar product is unavailable in the company's warehouse, the seller is given two months to satisfy all the buyer's requirements. In the case of an exchange for a product similar in quality and characteristics, the cost is not recalculated.
  • The consumer has the right to make demands to the seller to eliminate defects or faults that are production-related. Replacement of parts and repairs occur within a strictly established time frame, up to fourteen calendar days.
  • The buyer's requirements are considered after submitting documents confirming the purchase and a written statement.
  • The seller undertakes to reimburse material losses caused by the purchase of low-quality products.
  • Suppose the seller proves that the defects or external defects of the products are caused by improper transportation, storage, or operation. In that case, the seller can refuse compensation for material damage.
  • The buyer can negotiate with the seller through a proxy or on his behalf.


  • Defects caused by use of clothing (wear, repair);
  • On tissue with mechanical damage (tear, cut, burn);
  • If the protective label is removed, the item will not be eligible for the return policy, and the money will not be refunded.

Scrutinize the goods at the time of receipt before removing tags and other original packaging. If you see why it did not suit you, cancel the order immediately. Otherwise, we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges.