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We buy New Year's costumes in Chernivtsi quickly and profitably

We buy New Year's costumes in Chernivtsi quickly and profitably

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New Year is a Christmas tree, tangerines and, of course, Santa Claus with his charming granddaughter, who came to wish your baby or you, your colleagues, relatives a Happy New Year. So, in order for this very congratulation to take place, high-quality carnival costumes are imperative. Of course, we are talking about the Snow Maiden's costume and Santa Claus's dressing gown. However, the outfits of Elves, Snowman, Angels and other near-New Year characters may not be superfluous. But where to get such clothes in Chernivtsi quickly and inexpensively? Of course, in our Kostumi Store. Why us? Here are just a few advantages of our outlet:

Price. When choosing an outfit for Santa Claus or a Snegurochka costume, many primarily pay attention to the price of the product. But, in fact, this is far from the first criterion that deserves close attention, because low cost can be a sign, at best, of poor quality of goods, and at worst, of a fraudulent scheme. Therefore, if you want to purchase a really high-quality item, you should pay attention to our products with a really reasonable, adequate price. We personally sew the costumes, and therefore we invite you to consider the highest quality outfits at a fair price.

Discounts. We not only initially presented products at affordable, reasonable prices, we also constantly offer you various discounts on products. Discount models are usually suits that we plan to discontinue production or the remains of a single batch. Since these positions diverge very quickly, we advise you to order the selected model immediately.

Range. Another very important advantage of our store is that we offer you a very wide range of various carnival costumes. Here you will find more than thirty (30!) Hatals of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden outfits, sets of Elves, Angels, Deer, Snowmen. And that's not to mention the individual accessories.

Shipping and payment. For residents of Chernivtsi, we offer various options for delivery and payment. New mail or Ukrposhta, other postal services, payment after receipt or prepayment - choose the option that is closer, more convenient for you.

Help. If you have any questions or you cannot decide on a specific model, our experienced managers will be happy to help clarify all points of interest, help with the final choice, ordering.

1 July, 2021

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Elf girl costume
П-ЕД007-M Elf girl costume 2,500 грн.1,925 грн.
Elf Costume
П-ЕХ006-M Elf Costume 2,500 грн.1,925 грн.
Christmas Reindeer Rudolph
П-О008-ML Christmas Reindeer Rudolph 4,500 грн.3,840 грн.
Snowman Costume
П-С009-ML Snowman Costume 4,500 грн.3,840 грн.
Costume of St. Nicholas Vladimirsky
СВМ-В010-XL Costume of St. Nicholas Vladimirsky 3,500 грн.2,650 грн.
Costume Snow Maiden Sorceress
СГ-СЧ010-L Costume Snow Maiden Sorceress 4,500 грн.4,100 грн.
Father Frost Costume Wizard Red
ДМ-ЧЧ010 Father Frost Costume Wizard Red 3,200 грн.2,750 грн.