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Online Store for Carnival Costumes Kostumi Store

Looking for a Christmas costume set? We are here for you!

With the online shop Kostumi Store, you don’t have to “fix the roof before it starts raining.” Even if you are used to doing everything at the last minute, you can look good on Christmas night. Do not even doubt that buying holiday outfits in our online store will be your best decision this year! Santa Claus has no doubt and has already ordered a couple of new stylish costumes and accessories from us. 

We know how important it is to spend time with family, so we simplified finding an outfit for you and your loved ones. It’s time to realize that Internet shopping is excellent, fast, and convenient! And you don’t need to keep a distance. 

We have everything!

You can buy fake Santa bellies or Bishop Magic sticks. Variety of exciting costumes for men and women. How fast will you manage to find it in an ordinary store? Does anybody even sell something like that?

And if you’re already here, we’ll pick the perfect look for you! We assure you that even an adult will believe that Santa is real! You don’t even have to go to the party celebration to create a fairy tale; you can be a superhero at home.

Purchasing unique Christmas costumes of the highest quality and throwing a party at home has never been so easy.

The range of Christmas characters in the Kostumi Store includes:

Bishop and Saint Nicholas of different colors and styles;

● Caring Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus with a belly that’s not going to get stuck in the chimney;

● Snowman, better than in Lapland! Trust us, he is not going to melt;

● Elf, but don’t forget the ears;

● Reindeer and the red nose is going to be your main feature;

● Various Christmas accessories, from the hat to the magic stick.

Are you looking for a handmade costume made in Ukraine? You are going to hit the mark if you order from us! Kostumi Store’s team are superheroes! Best designers make sure that your clothes fit and look perfect. We use only high-quality fabric and sewing accessories. Our gift bags are the strongest.

If necessary, you can ask us for help. We will keep you from making a wrong choice and ensure you order everything you need.

Are you still in doubt? What about this?!

Have you ordered anything today? We have already shipped it. Shipping orders on the day of payment is not a fantasy; it’s the reality only in the Kostumi Store.

You can pay for the order on our website or with a bank card. We ship worldwide, so choose what works best for you.

If you are still in doubt, read below; we have clarified everything!

Why should you buy our costume?

● MANUFACTURE. Kostumi Store is made in Ukraine. We manage designing, tailoring, and selling the best Christmas costumes! It’s essential for us that you are satisfied and relaxed.

● PRICE AND QUALITY. We aim not to earn all the money in the world by selling useless stuff. Even when buying an inexpensive Christmas outfit, you don’t have to worry - it will be perfectly made from a suitable fabric. Our focus is reputation, the balance between “ price + quality = you are satisfied.”

● DETAILS. We are always in touch with you and will be glad to help. What do you need to select: color, shape, or size? Easy! We will also help you choose magical accessories: beard, boots, bag, and mittens! We will ensure that every detail of your costume will not be left behind.

● DESIGN. Each item from our range has a unique design so that you will find something for yourself. You are going to be surprised - only OUR Christmas costumes look better than the photo;

● CHOICE. We will always help you choose your costume and recommend additional complete sets and accessories. With our help, making a fairy tale with all the characters come true is easy.

SHIPPING. We ship worldwide at the lowest prices

● PAYMENT. In our online store, you can pay for your order in any way that works for you.

SUPPORT. Nothing is impossible for us, and we can stay in touch with you 24/7 to help and advise on your magical outfit choice. Even an adult will believe that Santa Claus is honest.

   Buying a Christmas costume set in our online store saves time and money and creates positive holiday emotions, a high holiday mood, and high quality. Our characters will help you look stunning during New Year’s corporate party, carnival, or family get-together.

Be unique, create holidays, and shop where Santa Claus shops himself - in our Kostumi Store!

Kostumi Store - Magic Happens!