Kostumi Store - New Year's fairy tale in the heart of each of us!

In the heart of each of us lives a small child who believes in miracles and looks forward to the Christmas holidays every year.

The stories of the gray-bearded Santa Claus with the beautiful Snow Maiden, the generous Santa Claus with his hardworking Elves and other fantastic characters bring us joy, delight and pleasure. Each of the characters has their own unique image that embodies the atmosphere of magic and wonder. A special image that will never be confused with another.

Once, on Christmas Eve, my sister and I decided to make our own costumes for Christmas heroes, invite many friends and arrange a big family holiday. That was awesome! After this holiday, we had the idea to keep making costumes for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and other themed parties and selling them.

 I am a web designer and product manager. I work with small and medium-sized companies remotely, so I can spend some free time creating my own small business.

My sister Alexandra works as a fashion designer and has been the owner of a small sewing workshop for 11 years. She has created many incredible costumes for singers and dancers, stars on various TV shows and many fantastic carnival costumes for themed parties. Alexandra is a professional dressmaker and a very creative person.

Together we produce a product that we love and understand, knowing how and for whom we create it. That is why we started our magical family business of making Kostumi Store carnival costumes.

We carefully select all materials to create these incredible costumes:

  • delicate velvet;
  • soft and snow-white fur;
  • bright and fabulous decor.
  • And for the manufacture of beards and wigs, we use only high quality fiber. We strive to make our costumes look like real heroes.

We are Kostumi Store. We are grown-up children who keep the traditions of Christmas and mischief. We are the ones who create a separate kind of miracles - clothes and accessories for New Year's characters. A fabulous dress, as if with the scent of tangerines, chocolates and a Christmas tree, is the magic of a holiday that even an adult will believe in.

We also have a lot of ideas for other incredible Halloween costumes, handmade national costumes and accessories, cosplay costumes and themed parties.

A little joy to everyone: from the production of carnival costumes to sales

A fabulous extravaganza, cheerful bustle, carnival mood - this is the most long-awaited time for children and adults. Each of us believes in the Christmas miracle since childhood, and, of course, rejoices in the New Year's surprises. The main rule of special days "for the soul" is to create an unforgettable, bright atmosphere of magic. It is impossible to imagine a children's party, an adult corporate party, a big family holiday without the main characters - Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden! For these and other characters of the celebration, it is imperative to take care of sewing carnival costumes in advance.

Features of creating New Year's costumes

Do you dream to celebrate the New Year unforgettably and surprise your loved ones? Planning a masquerade ball, children's party or themed party, and you don't know who to transform into? You can choose the outfit of a legendary character, New Year's costume for Santa Claus, Elf and other fantastic heroes. We sew costumes of any complexity, whether it's a simple outfit for a child at a New Year's party or an enchanting carnival costume for an adult to perform on stage.

In order to create an original costume, you need to do a lot of painstaking work.

The production technology includes the following stages:

  • costume design design;
  • transfer of parameters from a piece to a material;
  • cutting out details;
  • sewing the product;
  • ironing or steaming.

In the process of creating carnival costumes, high-quality delicate velvet, fabulous original decor, snow-white fur is used. In addition, our masters will pick up magical accessories for the holiday: a hat for Santa Claus, mittens, a beard, felt boots. Beards and wigs look like real ones; we only use high quality fiber. And where is without a bag?

Of course, the outfit should look harmonious, turning an ordinary person into a real Santa Claus from a fabulous snowy country. We sew models of different sizes, we will help you choose the right option in accordance with your figure.

Benefits of being creative in costume tailoring

The creation of carnival costumes requires creativity and great imagination from fashion designers, because it is not enough to come up with a unique image. It is also necessary to carefully design and sew an outfit that fully corresponds to the theme and idea.

Each feature of the design, manufacture of New Year's and stage costumes requires the professional skill of tailors. Kostumi Store is a real magical space with its own family history, where professional seamstresses bring to life the most incredible costumes for vivid emotions.

Advantages of custom tailoring of carnival costumes at Kostumi Store:

  • Own workshop. We design, sew and sell models ourselves. Each copy is unique, unlike the standard ones found in stores. Even outfits of the same theme will differ from each other.
  • Variety of models. What outfit are you dreaming about? Here you can find a New Year's costume made of velvet, satin and velor. The assortment includes options for Snowman, Deer, Angel and other fairy-tale characters.
  • Fit any shape. If the size of the garment is non-standard, our tailors are ready to fit the suit on any shape, so that the product looks perfect and you feel comfortable.
  • Exclusive design. The experience of our masters allows us to create a hand-painted hero costume, which will be remembered by everyone present at the holiday. The client will only have to choose which character to try on.
  • Compliance with fashion trends. We are constantly improving, using new techniques in sewing technology, taking into account the wishes of our customers. We cooperate with dance studios, artists of various TV shows, creating incredible costumes for their performances.

We have been in the market for the production of carnival costumes for over 10 years. It all started with the creation of several outfits for a family holiday. After such a transformation into different images, we had an idea to continue this business. After putting on an unusual image, you can be different. This is probably why costume parties, holidays, contests are very popular. This is not only an opportunity to relax, unwind, but also just have fun from the heart.

General components of a carnival costume

Regardless of the complexity and variety of outfits, any set is created from the main parts that form the original complete image:

  • The basis of the suit. It can be a one-piece model in the form of a jumpsuit, dress. The separate one consists of a shirt, trousers, leggings, a jacket for the Elves, a Santa Claus fur coat. For individual images, an option is selected that is close to reality.
  • Auxiliary elements. The image must be complete. For this, beautiful shoes, clutches for hands, hats, gloves, hats and capes, boots for the Snow Maiden, decorated with applique and rhinestones are created.
  • Accessories. They are especially significant, because without them the created image will lose its zest. This category contains a variety of wigs, angel wings, staves, fake ears, handbags, belts, glasses.

Each outfit requires creativity and certain skills to create it. A festive New Year's costume provides for the presence of bright colors, expressiveness, shiny fabrics, decorative ornaments. At the same time, it is important to take care of the comfort of such clothes, because the New Year's celebration lasts a long time. We think over every detail so that nothing spoils the holding of an unforgettable event.

Decorations for the carnival are made of beautiful, high-quality materials with pleasant tactile sensations. The fabrics are comfortable to wear, breathable, and practically do not wrinkle. Children's outfits are made in a simple cut, without hindering movements, without the use of traumatic accessories.

Fabrics for sewing - comfort and convenience with a holiday effect

With a little imagination, our masters create carnival outfits from different materials: natural, artificial or synthetic. However, clothes made of velvet, brocade or jacquard look richer and more spectacular. Fibers with a fluffy surface are often used, such as fur, fleece, velor.

The choice of material for tailoring a suit depends on the subject matter and operational properties. Common fabrics for embodying carnival ideas:

  • New Year's outfits. The costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are sewn from velor or velvet, traditionally red, white and blue. The edge of white fur, heat-resistant applique, rhinestones are used as decoration. The dense version can be gabardine with silver patterns.
  • Winter character costumes. Angels shirts are made of gabardine, satin. For the Snowman, fleece is used on a quilted lining, decorated in front with buttons in a row. The jumpsuit of the Christmas Deer is sewn from velor, knitted fabric. Elves look beautiful in velvet adorned with white fur.
  • Carnival costumes for adults. Various themed parties for an adult audience, such as Halloween, stag parties, hen parties, birthdays, are distinguished by fun, originality, and easy relaxedness. This format allows for a moderately extravagant image, for the creation of which stretch guipure, lycra, micro-oil, transparent fabrics are used.
  • National costumes. Embroidered shirts, costumes for dance groups, studios are sewn from natural and synthetic materials in symbolic ornaments.

The fabrics used in the production of suits keep their shape perfectly, do not wrinkle, drape beautifully, differ in a variety of color palette and texture. Wearing velvet or velor clothes will not be cold in the room, and it will not be stuffy in a well-heated hall.

Fabulous, unusual or classic: which costume to choose

It seems that the New Year is not coming soon, but time flies inexorably. We are happily waiting for his meeting, getting ready, thinking over the outfits in advance. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real fairy tale and magic, you can choose a carnival costume for the main symbol of the New Year - attributes of the image of Santa Claus. In such clothes, you can give a festive mood to everyone present.

You can choose an outfit of different price categories in the catalog of the Kostumi Store online store. Are you planning a large-scale event? Then you should look at the costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, which can be purchased as a set.

For the role of these characters, you will definitely need accessories that complement the image in order to feel like a real guest from a magical land.

Popular categories:

  • Characters from a winter fairy tale. Several variations of the costumes of Santa Claus (red, blue sheepskin coat, soft beard, hat), Snow Maiden, Deer, Elves, Santa Claus, a favorite of toddlers.
  • For congratulating children and distributing sweets, the costume of St. Nicholas is suitable. You can pick up a staff, a beautiful beard, a wig for the image.
  • New Year's helper Snowman. In a classic costume, consisting of a white jumpsuit and a hat, you can feel like a superhero. A bright scarf, a bucket, and a funny carrot nose will help to complement the image.
  • Angel costume. The unchanging character of the Christmas holidays. For the integrity of the image, in order to soar at a party or matinee, you need a pair of angel wings and a halo.
  • Cosplay. Created in a single copy, individually and manually. The image, fabrics, elaboration of details are as close as possible to the prototype.
  • Variety of accessories. This includes felt boots, mittens, hats, braids for the Snow Maiden, a false belly for Santa Claus and many other elements.

On the eve of the New Year, one of the most demanded orders is the tailoring of a Santa Claus costume. And this is no coincidence - it will delight others, help to cheer up children and adults. This is the most long-awaited guest at the holiday. Thanks to our costumes, which look realistic, children will believe in a fairy tale even more.

Festive mood with Kostumi Store

Carnival costume is not just clothes for a matinee or masquerade ball, it is an opportunity for a magical transformation. We know exactly what it takes to get unforgettable emotions, magical mood and pleasant memories. Special, recognizable images that cannot be confused, colorful and practical materials, we try to do our best to ensure that each fancy dress helps to reveal the personality of your character.

Our online store Kostumi Store is a space where the magic of clothes for New Year characters is born. Accessories for costumes take a special place. After all, what kind of image can do without them? And that is not all! You can not only buy your favorite outfit from us, we also offer rental of New Year's costumes. Why deprive yourself of vivid events when you can reincarnate into your favorite hero and find yourself inside a fairy tale! And we will be happy to help you spend a magical time in bright costumes with the scent of a holiday.

Why is it worth buying a suit from us?

  • PRODUCTION. Kostumi Store is actually a Ukrainian production. We ourselves, honestly, are engaged in the design, sewing and implementation of the best New Year's costumes! It is very important for us that you are satisfied and not bother;
  • PRICE AND QUALITY. We do not have a goal to earn “all the money in the world” by selling “trash”. Buying even an inexpensive New Year's costume, you don't have to worry - it will be sewn perfectly and from good fabric. Our vector is reputation and balance “price + quality = you are satisfied with the costume”;
  • DETAILS. We are always in touch with you and will be happy to help! What to choose: color, style or size? Easily! We will also select the necessary magical accessories: a beard, felt boots, a bag and gloves! We will make sure that not a single detail of your outfit is left unattended;
  • DESIGN. Each model from our range has its own unique, unique design, so you will definitely find something for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised - only with US New Year's costumes look better than in the photo;
  • CHOICE. We will always help you in choosing a suit and recommend additional sets and accessories. Together with us, it is easy to bring a fairy tale to life with all its characters;
  • DELIVERY. We deliver in Kiev and throughout Ukraine and around the world by delivery services or by courier to the address at the lowest prices;
  • PAYMENT. In our online store it is possible to pay for goods in any convenient way: secure online payment on the site using the Fondy secure online payment service, in cash upon receipt or to a current account for legal entities;
  • SUPPORT. Nothing is impossible for us and we stay in touch with you 24/7 to help and give advice in choosing a magical look. With us, even an adult will believe that Santa Claus is not a fiction, but a reality!

Buying a New Year's costume in our online store is not only to save time and budget, but also to get positive festive emotions, New Year's mood and high quality. It is our heroes who will help you to be unsurpassed at a New Year's corporate party, carnival or at a family celebration.

Be unique, create a holiday and shop where Santa Claus buys - in our Kostumi Store!


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