Costume care

To make your Christmas costume and accessories look great, you must take proper care of them. We've tested all the cleaning and storage options and made a list of answers to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) related to the care of party clothes and accessories.

Can I wash the costume?

  • Any washing is strictly prohibited. After contact with water, the fur may lose its plumpness and lightness, crumple, and can get very clumped. Colored fabric can gladly share its color with a snow-white lining and fur trim.

How to clean the costume if washing is forbidden?

  • It's better to contact a dry cleaner service, noting that you can use only a dry-cleaning method.

How to clean the costume by yourself?

  • First of all, you need to test the cleaning on a small area that doesn't affect the overall appearance of the outfit, for instance, under the collar or that part of the costume covered with accessories, such as a wig, beard, or robe.

The main fabric, lining, and fur can be carefully cleaned with a damp, well-squeezed water or soap solution piece of natural white fabric.

How to dry the costume?

  • It would be best if you dried the costume only on a hanger in a well-ventilated room. Drying on a heater, with a hairdryer and iron, is strictly prohibited.

How to iron the costume?

  • Ironing the costume through an ironer (a small piece of natural white fabric) is better. Fur cannot be ironed!

There are appliqués on the costume. How to clean and iron them?

  • Appliqués should be cleaned and dried in the same way as the costume.

The appliqué's corner peeled off. What should I do?

  • Don't panic. Appliqués are made of a high-quality thermo film on an adhesive basis. So, if you suddenly notice that a corner or some part peeled off during the operation process, you can contact us for some help. Our master will quickly fix this little problem.

How to glue the peeled-off appliqué by yourself?

  • It's elementary to glue the appliqué by yourself. It is good enough to iron the appliqué in the place where it peeled off. You need to iron it without steam but through the fabric.

How to store the costume?

  • We recommend storing the costume on a hanger and in a unique cover for clothes. Make sure to put an aromatic sachet against insect pests in the outfit.

How to clean the beard or the wig?

  • Use natural hair shampoo or soap solution to clean the wig and beard. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Wash the wig gently and carefully so as not to tangle the strands. Remember the hair conditioner.

How to dry the beard or the wig?

  • It's better to dry the wig and the beard by putting them on a towel and the dryer rack, or, if it's urgently needed - you can dry them with a hair dryer, but only in the cold air mode.

How to comb the beard or the wig?

  • Comb the wig and the beard only after it's scorched. The comb for combing beards and wigs should have widely spaced teeth that can easily handle thick curls.

How to store the beard or the wig?

  • Accessories should be stored in a special mesh with the kit and a cardboard box. Make sure to put an aromatic sachet against insect pests in the box.

If you have any other questions about clothes care, e-mail us at or call us at the numbers on our website. We will surely help you.

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