Top New Year gifts from around the world

Top New Year gifts from around the world

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Gifts are an integral part of the holiday. Choosing a New Year's gift usually plays an important role in preparing for the New Year. Someone writes a list in advance, and someone buys everything at the last minute.

Don't say that you never asked yourself the question: which gift to choose - useful, unusual, beautiful, practical or maybe delicious?

Today we have collected some traditions based on the stories of Santa and Santa Claus, because they are frequent visitors to our store and we have repeatedly had the opportunity to ask them what gifts people around the world enjoy the most.


In our country, rakes are associated with losers, and in Japan it is the most popular New Year's gift - to have something to rake happiness. Bamboo rake - "kumade" is decorated with various drawings and mascots.


In the Italian provinces, there has long been a custom: on the morning of January 1, you must bring home "new water" collected from the source before sunrise at the earliest. If you do not give anything to friends - give "new water" with an olive branch. It is believed that it brings happiness. Isn't it the most budget-friendly gift, egezh?


Austrians prefer to give practical things for the New Year. However, an invitation to a festive evening at the famous Vienna Opera is a wonderful and most popular choice.


Don't be surprised if you find a check under the Christmas tree. You do not need to pay anything - this is your gift certificate. The check is needed so that if necessary, you can return the gift back to the store. Practically, right?


If you had to celebrate the New Year with the French, you can give anything you want, but not perfume. Only her husband can give a woman perfume in France. The French are considered fans of postcards, so the mail for the New Year is working hard.


In Germany, it is customary to donate Advent calendars on December 1. These are such small calendars with boxes of 12 or 24 cells. Hidden in each cell is a piece of candy with advice to eat to create an atmosphere for the waiting period before the holiday.


If you are given a stone - do not be sad! The Greeks gave each other a stone, wanting the owner's money to be as heavy as a stone. And if the stone is small, they want: "Let the pain in the eye of the owner will be just as small."


The Eskimos of Greenland give each other New Year's carved figures of walruses and polar bears. Because Greenland is cold even in summer, ice gifts are stored for a very long time.

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20 November, 2020

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