Santa Claus VS Santa Claus - who is cooler?

Santa Claus VS Santa Claus - who is cooler?

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Without a doubt, both old men are cool in their own way and equally evoke associations with the New Year and Christmas. However, their history is different. Santa Claus comes from Slavic lands, and Santa is from Europe and his home is in Lapland.

Now we decided to arrange a real battle between them! Let's look at the differences in the images of these New Year's mischievous people, so that you can decide who to transform into for the holiday and what costume to buy for the New Year in our store.

CAP. At Frost, most often, a hat is trimmed with fur, but Santa wears a nightcap with a pompom.

BEARD. You say yes to both tough old men, because they both wear beards, you just have to decide which one you prefer: long to the waist, like Grandfather, or short and elegant, like Santa's.

OUTERWEAR. Santa is still that fraer and mostly wears a short sheepskin coat - he is not afraid of the cold. But Santa Claus chooses long warm clothes - sometimes it's better to play it safe from a blizzard.

STAFF. It is difficult to imagine Santa Claus without a staff in his hand, and Santa only carries a sack of gifts.

FOOTWEAR. Grandfather wears warm felt boots, and Santa loves black boots.

NEW YEAR ASSISTANTS. Each has its own team, which is difficult to confuse with someone: Santa is used to using the services of elves and deer, and the Snow Maiden and the Snowman help Grandfather.

Regardless of which of the characters you still want to invite to your New Year's holiday, corporate party or party, in our store you can find festive costumes of Santa Claus and Santa, as well as all their assistants, with a unique design with delivery throughout Ukraine. And the price of our New Year's outfits will pleasantly surprise you, as will the cool quality and wide selection.

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21 January, 2021

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